The latest iteration of this skincare gadget will level up your regime and set your heart aflutter.

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"Just #vibes: Cleanse and massage with one device"

You may have heard of Foreo’s headlining products such as the Luna Mini 2 (the cleansing device — so small, so cute, and #itworks!) and the UFO (the interstellar device that reinvented how you mask).

Enter the latest addition to the Luna family: the Luna 3, which comes with everything you would love in the original, but with tech upgrades and newer offerings. First off, the soft silicone shell (gentle as always) has a larger surface area with longer touchpoints so you can do a more thorough cleanse, and you can reach those harder-to-reach places. The narrow corners of your nose will never be overlooked again.

No worthy gadget comes untethered anymore — think bluetooth and pair the device with your phone via the Foreo app, and tend to your skin via a personalised skincare routine. Work with the deep-cleansing 8000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute setting, or choose from the 16 intensities to suit your skin condition. Multifunctional and super-portable, there’s no need to worry about packing additional accessories when you’re travelling because one charge is all you need for the Luna 3 (up to 650 uses)!

After cleansing, flip the device over to the smoother side for a selfpampering anti-ageing facial by selecting firming massage routines on the app. The Luna 3 is colour-coded, too; the different-coloured Luna 3 cater to different skin types — pearl pink (normal skin), lavender (sensitive skin) and blue (combination skin). Pick the one that suits your skin, charge once, then vibe with it forever.

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Foreo Luna 3, SGD299 

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"Each colour-coded Luna 3 is catered to different skin types"

“Pair the device with your phone via the Foreo app, and tend to your skin via a personalised skincare routine.”