Medicube Red Cleansing Pad

Most Effective Cleansing Wipes.

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Most Effective Cleansing Wipes.


Makeup removal can be a real chore, but Medicube Red Cleansing Pad can make it a lot easier. In fact, one sheet is all you need to completely remove your makeup. Aside from getting rid of impurities, it also helps to strengthen the skin barrier, increasing moisture retention and leaving your skin soft and supple. And since it’s formulated with botanically-derived ingredients that are packed with healing properties, it’s perfect even for sensitive skin. Here’s the best part: there’s no need to use a cleanser after; simply finish up by rinsing your face with lukewarm water.

Medicube Red Cleansing Pad, $45
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Two in one

There’s a lot to love about Medicube Red Capsule Cushion. On top of concealing blemishes and providing lightweight coverage, it also soothes troubled skin with botanicallyderived ingredients such as calamine and centella asiatica. Plus, it leaves a cooling feeling on the skin -- perfect under this humid weather.

Medicube Red Capsule Cushion, $43

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