KMS HairPlay Molding Paste

Most Versatile Styling Cream.

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Most Versatile Styling Cream.

It takes a lot to be a CLEO Beauty Hall of Fame winner, so you may be wondering what made this styling product from KMS stand out. The answer is its multi-functional nature and that it offers the perfect mix of texture and pliable hold.

KMS HairPlay Molding Paste works perfectly for short and longer hair, and provides texture with a modern, natural finish (goodbye greasy-looking ends) without having to compromise on the hold at all while leaving a natural shine. Use it on damp hair to mould it, or on dry hair for extra texture.

KMS HairPlay Molding Paste, $42
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Waxing lyrical

Take the moulding properties of a wax, with the drying nature of a clay and you’ve got the special HairPlay Hybrid Claywax, which provides a matte finish while still allowing you to reshape styles for up to 72 hours. Ladies with longer hair, apply it at the roots for enhanced texture and fullness.

KMS HairPlay Hybrid Claywax, $34

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