Selvedge Grooming Classic Pomade

Best Heavy-Duty Pomade.

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Good hair days can make all the difference to your confidence. And while the right haircut is important, it’s the styling products that can really make or break your hair situation on a daily basis. Enter Selvedge Grooming Classic Pomade. While you normally have to sacrifice texture for hold or vice versa, this pomade’s formula is unique. It features aloe vera, vitamins and bamboo extract; which work together to add just the right amount of both shine and hold, with none of the greasiness. The Classic Pomade also works with both dry and damp hair, so just add water for a mid-afternoon refresh!

Selvedge Grooming Classic Pomade, $19
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Lightweight and flexible, the Selvedge Grooming Grooming Wax is perfect for sculpting both your guy’s hair and beard. Enriched with coconut oil and vitamin E, it reduces breakage and tames flyaways while ensuring every strand is exactly where you want it to be.

Selvedge Grooming Grooming Wax, $25 
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