RE:ERTH Smoothing Eye Cream

Best Eye De-puffer.

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Nobody likes waking up to puffy eyes. They can make you look bloated, tired, and as if you partied extra hard last night (which may be the case, but no one needs to know, right?). Make the puffiness disappear with RE:ERTH Smoothing Eye Cream. This lightweight crème absorbs quickly for firmer and smoother skin thanks to Water Soluble Vitamin A, colostrum, and Eyeseryl, a special peptide that realigns collagen fibres, promotes blood circulation and decreases fluid retention. Another key ingredient is turmeric root extract, which protects the ultra-sensitive eye area from everyday aggressors.

RE:ERTH Smoothing Eye Cream, $99
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Healthy and hydrated

Awarded Best Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin, RE:ERTH Hydrating Gel Moisturizer is just what you need to keep the rest of your face supple and smooth. This oil-free gel deeply hydrates the skin while keeping impurities at bay, and has an anti-bacterial formula that contains firming ingredients and turmeric root extract to stem inflammation and free radical damage.

RE:ERTH Hydrating Gel Moisturizer, $85

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