He liked it so he put a ring on it and now it’s go-time.

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He liked it so he put a ring on it and now it’s go-time. We’ve mapped out the ultimate bridal beauty game plan so you can be a bride-chilla and look your best on the big day. We gotchu, sis!

12 months before

Get a skin check

Jump-start your one-year beauty plan by visiting the dermatologist to get your skin in check and tackle any concerns (like acne or eczema) head-on. This will set you on the right track for #nofilter skin goals on your Big Day.
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Plan your hairstyle

If you’re planning to grow out your hair, start now with regular trims in between to keep the ends healthy and lush.

10 months before

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Book your makeup artist and hairstylist

Got your eye on a specific makeup artist and hairstylist? Book them! All the best professionals get booked way in advance and you don’t want to miss out on your chosen ones.
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Take a makeup class

If you prefer to go down the Kate Middleton path and do your own makeup, enrolling in a makeup class now will allow ample time to practise the look you’re going for. Plus, you’ll be able to do your own makeup for other big occasions.
4 months before
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Get ready to pucker up

For that all-important kiss at the ceremony, your lips need to be, well, kissable. Exfoliate them weekly by gently brushing back and forth with a wet toothbrush to eliminate dead skin.   
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Make mani-pedis a thing

Treat your nails to a regular manicure and pedicure (or DIY at home). This helps to strengthen your nails and keep them in great shape.

2 months before
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Get handsy

Your hands will play a big starring role in wedding pictures so give them some TLC with a rich, moisturising hand cream.
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Lash out with falsies

If you’re planning to wear false lashes, test a couple and ensure you don’t get adverse reactions to the lash glue. Alternatively, go with lash extensions for striking, fluttery lashes.
2 weeks before
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Pay attention to those pearly whites

Trust us, you’ll be smiling the entire time. Get your teeth professionally whitened and psych yourself up for a day of flashing those pearly whites.
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Visit your BBF*

It’s also a good time to see your best brow friend to take care of any strays.
10 days before
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Head to your hairstylist

Prep your tresses with a hair colour touch-up and slight trim if needed.
8 months before
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Avert a hairy sitch

Whether you’re craving a major hair colour makeover or a simple dye job, do it now. If it turns out to be a disaster, you’ll still have time to fix things and find the perfect shade. For shampoo ad-worthy locks, now is also a good time to start regular scalp treatments and fortnightly in-shower hair masks that will give you shiny, healthy and strong hair.
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Get those brows on fleek

Slay your brows by heading to a brow specialist now to get them framed for your face. If you don’t like it, you’ll have time for it to grow back. Maintain the shape by plucking out strays occasionally.

6 months before
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Create a daily skincare routine

Now is a good time to refine your daily skincare routine and stick to it religiously. Make sure to exfoliate and use nourishing and hydrating products. And don’t forget to apply sunscreen daily!
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Time to scrub-a-dub-dub

Start exfoliating or body brushing weekly—especially if you’re planning to wear sexy, back-revealing gowns. This will slough off dead skin and leave your back soft and smooth.
6 weeks before
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Don’t cheat on your skincare routine

With mere weeks left, stick with what works. Avoid new products and routines or you might wreak havoc on your face.
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Go deep

For a deep cleansing facial, we mean. You’ll be one step closer to healthy, radiant skin.
1 month before
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Get that makeup trial...

Work with your makeup artist for a final trial. Your skin condition and texture may have changed (for the better, hopefully!) so a trial now would help you finalise the type of products to use.
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... and a hair one too

Once you have an idea how you’re going to wear your hair, gather some pictures and meet with your hairstylist for a trial. Do the full look so you know what would work realistically or hold up during the day.   

1 week before
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Book a waxing session

It’s the last stretch! Time to tackle any stray, unwanted hair.
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Nail that mandatory ring shot

Getting your manicure and pedicure done a couple of days prior will ensure your nails look fabulous and photo-ready.
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Get some me-time...

Book a facial that includes a lifting and lymph-draining massage so you don’t look puffy. Add a brightening or hydrating treatment to get that elusive bridal glow.
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And relax

Spend some time meditating and zoning out. If you get stressed this week, that uninvited angry zit might just turn up as a +1. And nobody wants that.