Beauty is getting more hi-tech and it’s time to upgrade your routines with these exciting innovations.

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1. I have quite a few skin concerns, is there any applicator I can use without needing to go to a spa?
Simply use the Skin Inc Optimize Voyage Tri Light ++ that has different light settings with any water-based product on your skin and massage in circular, upward motions for 10 minutes.
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2. I don’t really need anything hi-tech, just to effectively take off make-up and use less chemicals. How!
Sometimes you don’t need tech in the most forward way, it can be as simple as fabric tech that makes for a more effective cleaner. The Glov makeup removing mitt removes stubborn make-up with just water, and it works like a charm!
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3. What’s the latest buzz in beauty and Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
Guess what — we just received word that PONDS announced that they're launching the world’s first AI-powered skin diagnostic chatbot that uses patented skin map technology to give diagnoses as accurate as a dermatologist’s.
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4. Is there any device for removing full-faced makeup without leaving skin feeling all bumpy and red?

Up your cleansing game without worrying about breaking out or irritating your skin with the ageLOC Nu Skin Lumispa that gently gets rid of dead skin and improves texture to help you get the coveted glow in just two minutes.

1. Skin Inc Optimize Voyage Tri Light ++ Bonus Value Set, $398; 2. Glov Travel Set, AUD35.95(approx. SGD33); 3. For updates on this news, see www.ponds.com ; 4. AgeLOC Nu Skin Lumispa, $372 

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