It’s always (always, always) a good time for ice cream.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel
It’s always (always, always) a good time for ice cream. That’s why all roads, and not just “one for the road”, should lead to these gelatos and sorbets.
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1. Birds of Paradise

This petite gelato store is scooping out big new flavours – up to 15 of them – from an earthy Sea Salt Hojicha (roasted green tea) to a fresh Peach and Rose sorbet. Each flavour is unique, and you can expect surprise additions every now and then.

At Birds of Paradise, owner Edwin Lim, 36, wants white chrysanthemum to take centre stage over more common floral flavours. The White Chrysanthemum gelato has a milky base infused with the aroma of the flower. Tiny dark chocolate chips spread throughout the ice cream add a slight bitterness to bring out the distinct floral taste. The store’s thyme infused cones are a must-try as they complement the botanical flavours and add a herbaceous layer.

#01-05, 63 East Coast Road, tel: 9678-6092. From $4.70 a scoop.

2. The Dark Gallery

The Dark Gallery has more than 20 chocolate flavours on rotation, and it is big on using single origin chocolate (made from a single variety of cacao bean harvested from one region).

The new single origin Sur Del Lago Dark Chocolate takes it up a notch. At 88 per cent, it is more intense than the cafe’s signature 80 per cent dark chocolate. Balance it out with vanilla or a fruitier Tanzania chocolate.

The ice cream is available in cups or cones, but to really treat yourself, get a bowl-shaped waffle for an additional $1.

#B2-29 Ngee Ann City, tel: 6935-2603. From $5 a scoop.

3. Butterknife Folk

Spend your bonus calories on new seasonal specials with flavours of boozy eggnog, bourbon infused apple pie, and spiced chocolate orange with cranberries and caramelised nuts. There’s also Who Gives a Fig! (love the name), which is whipped up with brandy and caramelised figs. For vegans, the new mulledwine one, A Gingery Affair, is made from chocolate and ginger snaps and has a ginger-caramel swirl.

The firm favourite from this charming, smallbatch artisanal gelateria is still the Pistachio gelato: smooth, rich and completely worth the calories. Pair it with the Strawberry Basil sorbet for a bright, fruity hit. Brownie points to the latter for being vegan-friendly.

Gelato makers Jack Chan and Ingrid Lim have previous F&B experience, and here they reintroduce familiar flavours to you in unexpected ways. For example, the savoury Shoyu transpired after dining at a Japanese restaurant.

238 River Valley Road, tel: 6734-7855. From $5 a scoop.

4. Janice Wong

Award-winning chef Janice Wong’s ice creams are as gourmet as her artistic chocolates and desserts. The 2011/12 Her World Young Woman Achiever’s unique new flavour combinations like Pandan Gula Melaka, Blue Lavender and Sake Kasu – available at her Paragon outlet – thrill us, while firm favourite Rice Lemongrass is a great fallback.

Rich in flavour and thick in consistency, the aforementioned Pandan Gula Melaka will hit all your kueh sweet spots. The fragrance of the pandan reduces the sticky sweetness of the palm sugar, and when they’re combined with the creamy ice cream base, the finished product tastes almost like a creamy ondeh ondeh.

B1-K27 Paragon. For $5 a scoop; $8 for two scoops.