Raffles Spa opens and hits all the right spots.

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Tucked away in a standalone complex located within Raffles Arcade, Raffles Spa offers luxury of space not associated with prime real estate. The epitome of this is the Gem Suite (below), an exclusive standalone space that has its own entrance. Couples seeking privacy and freedom of movement will find it a sanctuary, as will ladies – the suite can accommodate up to four guests – who want to add facials and massages to their tete-a-tete.

The spa’s interiors are designed by Champalimaud, the same firm behind the look of Raffles Hotel and many of its restaurants. The ambience here is light. A soothing palette of white and gold runs through expansive facilities that include steam bath, sauna, ice fountain and heated pool. The treatment rooms come with en-suite bathrooms that afford even more privacy.

But as luxurious as the facilities are, all would be nought if the service and product fall short of expectations, especially at this eye-watering price point. Happily, they do not. For men, we recommend the Gentleman’s Restorative Facial, a thorough cleanse that sloughs away dead skin cells combined with a deep-tissue facial massage and intense moisturising. Book an appointment after a day of golf or any activity in the sun.

#01-31 Raffles Arcade, North Bridge Road Entrance. Tel: 6412-1378 

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The trendy name behind hair health for women and men, PHS Hairscience, has introduced a range of edible supplements. The idea is to promote the health of the scalp from within with suitable antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and vitamins. The range complements the brand’s treatments and home care products.

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In today’s constant on-the-go work culture, maintaining one’s body and diet is a veritable challenge. The Spa Pods and Six Senses Maxwell deals with both, and in just 90 minutes. Its Express Destress treatment comes with an hour-long deep tissue massage to soothe tension from stiff necks and shoulders, followed by a wholesome meal packed with superfoods such as kale and avocadoes.

Six Senses Maxwell, 2 Cook Street. Tel: 6914-1410 


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