HW Endorses: Chanel’s Anti-Pollution Cleansing Trio

The anti-pollution cleansing trio that “depollutes” skin.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

The urban environment is ageing your skin. Pollutants in the air form a layer of dust, exhaust fumes and fine particles that clogs pores, causes breakouts, slows collagen production and makes skin dull and rough.

Skin experts say your skin needs three-way defence: antioxidants to repair free radical damage, ingredients to strengthen and repair the skin barrier, and cleansing.

In particular, anti-pollution cleansing, which is a growing part of anti-pollution skincare. Such cleansers go beyond taking off dirt, grime and sebum. They also repair pollution damage and strengthen skin. Chanel’s trio of new cleansers, part of the brand’s The Cleansing Collection, does this. They form a crucial first step in your anti-pollution skincare routine.

It comprises Le Gel ($66), a cleansing gel, Le Gommage ($79) an exfoliating gel, and Le Masque ($79), a nourishing clay mask. Blue micro-algae in Le Gel helps skin become more resilient to stress caused by pollution, while a marine plant extract strengthens it.

In Le Gommage and Le Masque, purple micro-algae strengthens skin’s defences, while mineral-rich marine spring water nourishes skin. The mask also contains kaolin and white clay, and a skin-repairing maracuja extract.