Whatever your skin concern, Astique The Aesthetic Clinic has a treatment that’s just right for you.

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Whatever your skin concern, Astique The Aesthetic Clinic has a treatment that’s just right for you.

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Let’s face it: Most of us are perpetually on a quest for perfect skin. To help you achieve this, Astique The Aesthetic Clinic offers specialised skin treatments that target a range of skin problems, from brown spots and acne to sun damage, dehydration and wrinkles. These treatments use advanced technology and quality products to help you achieve clear, glowing and younger-looking skin.

Improve your skin tone and texture

If freckles, melasma and hyperpigmentation are getting you down, try the Tri-Beam treatment, which promises to significantly reduce pigmented lesions without damaging your skin. How this technology supposedly works: Energy is gently delivered into the deeper layers of skin to destroy overac tive sebaceous glands, kill bacteria and stimulate collagen production. The promised result: a clearer, smoother complexion, with smaller pores and less obvious fine lines. According to Astique, the treatment is almost painless, and there is little to no downtime. Try Tri-Beam in combination with other treatments such as CoolTouch (a non-ablative laser that targets scars and wrinkles), Sharplight and Microdermabrasion/ Chemical Peel at $2,999 nett for 10 sessions.

Achieve a fresher, younger looking complexion Sharplight is a non-invasive method to remove hair permanently, but it can also be used to treat a number of skin problems, such as mild to moderate acne, saggy skin, and dullness. The treatment, which uses radio frequency, is said eliminate pigmented spots and improve skin texture, leaving you with a complexion that looks fresher and more radiant. Try a session of Sharplight at $374.50 nett.

Target signs of ageing and get firmer skin

Choose from a selection of Signature Facials that use natural ingredients.

For example, the Rgnerin facial uses linseed and aloe vera extract to hydrate, Goji uses extracts of goji berries and quinoa seeds to brighten, Intensive Q10 uses coenzyme Q-10 and creatine to firm, and Shine Stop (Acne) uses salicylic acid and Marine Affinisphere (an ingredient that’s said to regulate sebum secretion) to treat acne and oily skin. You can also try the Ocean Miracle Treatment, which supposedly has superior anti-ageing and firming benefits.

This facial uses 100 per cent natural active ingredients to help you achieve youthful-looking skin. Enjoy 10 sessions of selected facials at $1,912 nett.

Plump up, hydrate and refresh skin

Dehydrated skin is prone to looking dull and tired, and may add years to your face. The Skin Booster Treatment combats this problem with a cocktail of hyaluronic acid and Botox. Together, these ingredients infuse the skin with moisture, leaving it looking plumped up, hydrated and more glowing, with less obvious fine lines. A series of three treatments, which costs $1,797 nett, is recommended, and results are said to last between nine and 12 months.