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While we pay enough attention to the eyes and neck—two areas most prone to revealing just how old we are— our hands are actually more likely to betray our age than other parts of the body. Though hand‑care products can help keep them youthful in the long run, manicures can easily take 10 years off your hard‑working mitts, stat. For one that not just leaves you with younger‑looking hands but also Insta‑worthy nails, look to Nail Palace.


Whether you want something simple yet gorgeous or all‑out glamorous, Nail Palace’s Classic Manicure delivers. After selecting a colour and design, nails are trimmed to your desired length and shape. Meticulousness is the name of the game here;  the manicurist takes the time to ensure that cuticles are painlessly removed, and nails are buffed and moisturised with nourishing oil. With swift, nimble strokes, a base coat, polish and a topcoat are carefully applied to every nail, with each coat so evenly distributed, there’s nary a bubble or imperfection in sight. At the end of the 60 minutes, you get a set of glossy, perfectly lacquered nails—the cherry on top of any outfit.


Backed by 18 years of experience in the beauty industry, the salon boasts both state‑of‑the‑art equipment and a team with the requisite skill set to help keep nails looking healthy and beautiful. Smiles greet you once you step into any of its 21 outlets, located across the island from the CBD to the heartlands. Particularly impressive is the depth and breadth of knowledge shown by the manicurists about a variety of nail concerns, from broken nails and torn cuticles to more serious issues such as brittleness and fungal infections. Aside from aesthetic fixes, they offer advice on how you can improve the condition of your nails at home, providing a level of care that sets the salon apart from others in the market.
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Classic Manicure (from $29.95 for 60 minutes) is available at Nail Palace, #B1-64 Ang Mo Kio Hub (tel: 6555 2526); #03-01 Bugis+ (tel: 6634 0018); #02-17 Eastpoint Mall (tel: 6789 7672); #02-33 Junction 8 (tel: 6397 5901); and #03-26C Jurong Point (tel: 6794 7953). For more information, visit