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Living in the humid tropics has its benefits when it comes to the skin—we don’t lose as much moisture as those living in cold climates or arid zones, which means our skin tends to be more resilient, and less prone to wrinkling and sagging. There’s a catch though: Living on the equator exposes us to 12 hours of sunlight year-round, increasing the risk of hyperpigmentation. Add to that overactive sebum glands, which can lead to congested skin that breaks out easily, and we’ve got a problem.


To combat these issues, many women (and men) are willing to try radical solutions. While there are several aesthetic procedures that are effective in preventing and managing hyperpigmentation and acne, some of them can be rather aggressive and require downtime. If you have a low pain threshold, Beaute Hub’s SPECTRA IDPL Pigmentation Treatment may be an alternative. Using the SPECTRA+ IDPL device, it combines multiple technologies to target hyperpigmentation, minimise the appearance of acne scars and refine skin texture.


Combining the benefits of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), E-light (which incorporates radio frequency) and SDL (Super Diode Laser) technologies, the SPECTRA+ IDPL device uses twin flash lamps that allow the light energy to cover a wider surface area for a more efficient process. The device is also said to allow the light to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin to target the pigment-producing cells while dispersing sunspots and freckles on the surface. Instead of sharp pulses of light energy, the temperature of the treatment area is gradually increased for a comfortable and safe experience.


In addition to the SPECTRA+ IDPL device, this facial treatment uses tranexamic acid, a powerful anti-spot ingredient, to enhance its effectiveness. Also included in the treatment is a dark-spot-correcting step that utilises vitamin C, another five-star ingredient that helps inhibit the excessive production of melanin, a pigment that causes brown spots to form on the skin. It takes just one session to see a noticeably brighter skin tone and more refined skin texture.
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SPECTRA IDPL Pigmentation Treatment is available at all Beaute Hub outlets. For more information, please call 6735 6883 or visit beautehub.com.