A new multi-purpose concealer touts itself to be The One.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

Boasting skincare properties and an upsized applicator that makes wearing it as a full-face foundation easy, the fluid Dior Forever Skin Correct is a concealer that women can count on for the long term, says Dior Makeup’s creative and image director Peter Philips. 

When it comes to applying makeup, longevity used to be measured simply by the amount of time a product would stay on. Then came the likes of Dior Forever, a range of bases that not only promises 24-hour wear, but also nourishes skin for even longer-lasting benefits. Its latest extension: Dior Forever Skin Correct, a concealer that further redefines what a beauty essential should do today. Dior Makeup’s creative and image director Peter Philips gives Sofia Kim the exclusive on why and how it could be The One. 


“To create Dior Forever Skin Correct, I wanted the lightweight and stretchy texture of the Diorskin Star Concealer (now defunct and known for its brightening benefits and blendability) combined with the long wear and effective coverage of the (similarly discontinued) Diorskin Forever Undercover concealer. The result is this fantastic new formula that boasts all these qualities. It’s super comfortable and one that you can count on.” (The fluid and waterproof Dior Forever Skin Correct is said to last 24 hours and immediately correct under-eye circles, puffiness, redness and blemishes without settling into lines. Like the Dior Forever range of foundations, it also offers skincare benefits with hydrating white pansy and rosehip, which helps to refine skin.)


“The range of shades is wide (10 in total spanning cool, pink and neutral beiges, warmer olive tones as well as a new 00 shade that can be used alone to sculpt or brighten, or mixed with others for a customised colour). It’s also been formulated to complete your Dior Forever foundation routine perfectly. (The concealer has been developed with the same polymers as that of the foundation, which not only means that they’ll fuse seamlessly together, but also that doing so will reportedly optimise their nourishing and long-wear benefits.)”


“The generously sized applicator tip offers control and makes it perfect for use as both a concealer and full-face foundation. For quick application as an under-eye concealer, for example, dot under the eyes, going all the way up to the top of the cheekbones and applying in moderation – you don’t need too much product. To blend it out, I like to use my fingers, but you can also use a brush or a blender sponge. To use it as a full-face foundation, swipe generous strokes across the face then blend them out with a beauty blender. The range of shades also gives one the option of combining different tones to create a highlighting or sculpting effect, all in the same glorious finish… Concealers were previously mainly used to cover pimples or eyebags, but with women becoming more professional and daring with their use of makeup, they should evolve into a multi-use beauty essential.”


“An efficient makeup routine for a simple look is ultimately based on a few basic rules: prep properly, apply and finish all with efficiency and moderation… Once your skin is evenly hydrated and properly prepped, apply the right shade of foundation in moderation then blend out towards your hairline, ears and neck. Never use too much product – you can always build up if you need more coverage and once you figure out how much product you need, your routine will become a piece of cake. Another common mistake when using concealer: Using an under-eye concealer that’s a few shades too light then ‘baking’ it too intensely, resulting in too much of a contrast against your foundation.”