Being “sober curious” is the trend that finally ends alcohol glamorisation.

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Being “sober curious” is the trend that finally ends alcohol glamorisation. Try going dry and feel the health benefits (and your wallet get fatter!) 

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"Jotun’s pastels made for the mind and soul"


Colours to soothe the soul? The picks by paint company Jotun for 2020 might just be the colourways you had hoped

There’s no denying that colour plays a huge role in our lives — it affects the way we look at things, inspires us and our moods. Colour changes the ambience of a room too; think crisp white walls in an office, blues in the comfort of our rooms and soft pastels at your latest hangout. The 2020 Jotun Colour Collection is filled with beautiful earthy tones that reminds us of nature. As Jotun’s Colour Manager, Lisbeth Larsen is well-acquainted with the whole colour spectrum, its effects and how colour trends come together to bring us the suggested colours of the year. #TeamCLEO finds out more from the expert.

How long is the process of picking the colour of the year?

We never pick one colour of the year. The reason is that Jotun doesn’t want to dictate colours — we want to inspire and give many beautiful options. But to create colours for our yearly colour cards takes approximately one year — this includes colours, photos and print.

What is the process like?

First part is all about selecting information and inspiration. We look at important happenings in the world — how will it affect the way we think? The way we behave? Then we look at the bestselling colours in different regions. The colour selection starts with input from designers and our regional colour managers. Normally we end up with about 50 colours.

After the final selection, our laboratory starts the turning it into reality. This means making formulas and recipes for all the colours in different paint products. Lastly, we use some of the world’s best stylists and photographers to make sure that our idea comes through!

What kind of colours do you see most people in South East Asia painting their houses?

Lots of muted tones, especially whites towards yellow. But lately I’ve noticed a bit more daring use of colours. Green of course — with all your lovely green surroundings, I easily understand that.

Do you think culture affects how people choose their colours?

Yes, I think so. Culture is a very important part of our lives — it’s what we grew up with, and what we feel safe about is important. But it’s good to try new things (read: colours) every now and then.

You travel to observe purchasing trends before picking out the ‘colour of the year’, what happens if each country has contradictory trends?

So far that has not happened. People all over the world have something in common; they want a good life. We all try to do our very best to create and do as good as we can. Also, with different websites and social media we now know that the same tendencies hit all over the world at the exact same time!

How have colour trends changed throughout the last decade?

People these days know that colours can help them through their daily lives. The biggest change we see: six to eight years ago people tend to ask “What is the trendiest colour?” Now they ask “What’s a good colour for a good night’s sleep?”

What new shades can we look forward to in 2020?

We will see a lot of muted yellows, such as Jotun 11173 Humble Yellow and Jotun 11174 Curious Mind.
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"Jotun’s Colour Manager, Lisbeth Larsen"

“People these days know that colours can help them through their daily lives.” 


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