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Celebrate Singapore’s birthday with these home-grown products.

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Celebrate Singapore’s birthday with these home-grown products.

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1. Asmara Asana 6, $6 

Made of a mix of herbs and flowers, this delicious drink helps improve your skin, digestion and mood. 

2. Alcheme Serum, $105

Using facial recognition technology to help customise your skincare, this made-to- order serum targets specific skincare concerns. 

3. Kew Organics Luxuriant Multi-Purpose Dry Oil, $39.95 

Easily absorbed, this lightweight oil helps to keep your hair and skin hydrated. Plus, it doesn’t stain your clothes or sheets. 

4. Biconi Glow Facial Serum, $25 

A potent mix of pure essential oils, it moisturises, heals and adds radiance to all skin types. 

5. RE:ERTH Multi Targeted Elixir, $108

Absorbed in less than 10 seconds, it works to brighten skin tone and minimise pores. 

6. Popstar Cosmetics Purple Diamond, $27

Use alone or over your favourite lipstick for an iridescent shine. 

7. Faux Fayc x byCaxs Eyeshadow Palette, $79

12 pigmented shades in matte, shimmer and metallic finishes make this a must-have. 

8. Eclat by SIX, $76 

A blend of neroli, grapefruit, Fuji apple, cocoa and vanilla, this irresistible scent can be easily worn by you or your partner. 

9. Coat 8 Free Nail Lacquer in Ozsome, $25

Quick-drying and free of harmful toxins, this awesome formula comes in a range of vibrant colours. 

10. Zahara All Day Matte Halal Lipstick, $22 

This long-lasting, transfer-proof lipstick is also halal. 

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