Firm Up From Head To Toe

Look good and feel fabulous without going under the knife.

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Look good and feel fabulous without going under the knife.

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It’s touted as the all-in-one non-invasive solution for face and body contouring, and skin tightening. Beaute Hub’s CORETM Technology (Channelled Optimised RF Energy) treatment uses different radio frequencies (RFs) to channel heat energy into different layers of skin. Created by Viora, a company in the United States, the treatment is said to boost collagen production for firmer and tighter skin.

To keep the treatment comfortable for you, the therapist will select an appropriate mode for the area being treated. For improved results, Vacuum Therapy (also available at different intensity levels) can be added to your Core treatment. It is meant to increase blood circulation, enhance lymphatic drainage, and help shrink the size of fat cells. While you may feel a warm sensation as the RF applicator glides over your skin, a built-in cooling mechanism in the applicator helps ensure a pleasant experience.


Address your concerns – whether they involve sagging skin or loss of firmness – with one of these four Core-based treatments.

Core Face Treatment

Suitable for those who are starting to notice signs of sagging, this uses two RFs that are said to promote collagen production for firmer skin. Apart from cleansing and comedone extraction, the session also includes a massage for the face, eyes, neck and shoulders.

Core Refit Treatment

Ideal for treating sagging skin that has lost its elasticity due to extreme, rapid weight loss (from dieting, exercising, childbirth or surgery), this body-contouring treatment utilises heat energy from RFs with the aim of strengthening the elasticity of collagen and the skin, and to improve firmness.

Core Cellulite & Circumferential Reduction Treatment

Ideal for those who are battling unsightly cellulite, are overweight, or have loose skin from weight loss, this combines RF treatment with a slimming oil and body wrap. Three different RFs, applied to skin at the same time, are believed to tighten and firm sagging skin, and shrink fat cells.

Core Revive Treatment

This non-invasive procedure reportedly treats stretched and sagging vulval tissue by heating up the deep skin layer to stimulate collagen production. It is meant for women who feel a loss of skin firmness in the nether regions because of childbirth, genetics, weight loss and/or age.