Big, Bold & Swiss

The latest collection from Swatch is cool, unique and kind of crazy – exactly why we like it.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

Founded in 1983, the watchmaker Swatch is known for its colourful, pop culture-inspired and limited edition designs. The brand upholds the values of “Swiss made”, yet is attainable with its affordable prices, with the no-frills wristwatches really fashion accessories to be worn to match your mood of the day.

The brand continues to surprise with its newest product line Big Bold, which is inspired by bold ideas and meant for even bolder personalities. The most striking style is the Big Bold Jelly ($155, pictured here) – a bigger and better version of the iconic transparent Original Jelly Fish GZ010. The quartz watch has a 47mm fully transparent plastic case, with the crown unusually positioned at two o’clock, and semi-transparent silicone straps. The bright hands in blue, red and yellow stand out against the crystal F clear dial, so it’s definitely easy to tell the time at a glance.

The Big Bold will continue to be on our radar with exciting designs to be launched in the later half of this year, including three commemorative designs for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. – DK