With close to a hundred pairs in her collection, fashion influencer Nellie Lim is a self-confessed shoe addict and admits: “It’s a problem I’ve been trying to work on.” Here, she shares her footwear philosophy.

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"This iconic patchwork design boot was sold out in her size, but she was lucky enough to find a brand new pair on Vestiaire Collective."

Are you more of a collector or wearer?

Definitely a wearer! I don’t believe in collecting shoes without wearing them.

What started your obsession with shoes?

Nothing really. I just like having options when it comes to shoes.

What was the first pair of shoes that you really wanted and saved up for?

It was almost a decade ago! A pair of strappy Isabel Marant heels that were sold out everywhere. I found mine on Vestiaire Collective for about $1,500.

Your biggest shoe splurge?

My Edgardo Osorio for Salvatore Ferragamo heels with colourful feathers – it probably cost around $2,500.

What’s the most special shoe to you?

My patchwork embroidered Dior boots (from FW ’18). I’d been hunting it down for very long because it’s such a statement piece, and I finally found a brand new pair on Vestiaire Collective!
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This is her go-to shoe as it has a low heel and is easy to wear with a skirt, pants or dress.
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Her vast collection includes Midnight 00 pumps,Gianvito Rossi stilettos and the latest Bottega Veneta Stretch pumps.
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"Massimiliano Giornetti, artistic director of Salvatore Ferragamo, invited Edgardo Osorio to design 12 exclusive shoes for the Italian brand’s 100th anniversary capsule collection. This is one of them."

How do you organise your shoes?

They used to go by a colour system, but now it’s just mainly by height.

What’s your take on Marie Kondo’s minimalist philosophy?

It clearly doesn’t apply to me. Some shoes I keep purely for sentimental reasons; others I keep so I have options when it comes to styling my outfits.

Are you very precious with your shoes?

I’m not very careful with them. I wear them in and live by the motto that there’ll always be more shoes to buy if this one is damaged.

What style of shoe do you usually buy and why?

Heels! I just love how they look and make me feel.

What shoe would you wear when you need a pick-me-up?

I’d wear my Gianvito Rossi Feather heels, they’re such a fun pair and they’re really comfortable to wear out too!

What considerations do you have when buying a pair of shoes?

Is it a statement piece? Do I already have something similar?

What do you think of all the recent sneaker collaborations?

I’m not much of a sneaker person, and I’m very specific about the sneakers styles I like, but I do think that sneaker collaborations are always a good investment, just not for me.

Do you buy shoes as an investment or pure indulgence?

Pure indulgence!

Favourite shoe brands?

Dior, Chanel, Giuseppe Zanotti and Jimmy Choo.
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Nellie loves wearing boots, especially when she has to deal with the cold when she’s away at Fashion Week.
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No basic black pumps here! Nellie prefers a good statement-making shoe.
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These Giuseppe Zanotti x Christian Cowan shoes are not for the faint-hearted. The gold straps resemble the dial and bracelet of a men’s watch.