The four words at the core of Clarins’ rebranding: “It’s all about you.” Natalie Bader, president of the brand, explains.

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"The four words at the core of Clarins’ rebranding: “It’s all about you.” Natalie Bader, president of the brand, explains."

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Tell us more about the new campaign.
“Clarins has always aimed to be close to its customers, by listening to them and trying to understand them. ‘It’s all about you’ reminds us that customers are the most important factor for the brand.”

What inspired this change in direction?
“We’ve noticed an evolution in beauty, particularly in Asia. Asian women are now keener to embrace their own beauty and personality, instead of aiming to look like supermodels. Likewise, Clarins’ philosophy has always been to provide authentic beauty.”

So, how is Clarins getting closer to its customers? 
“We monitor customer feedback through social media, surveys and discussions with beauty advisors in every country [so as to] improve our product line-up. The team that works on Asia-specific products is based in Asia, not in Paris, to be closer to Asian customers and their needs.”

We’ve noticed that Clarins now features older models in some ads. Why?
“Using a 16-year-old model to sell a cream made for women in their 50s is fake and that’s not what Clarins is about. We don’t sell miracle beauty, we sell authentic beauty, and that’s why we chose models [whose ages are closer to our target age group].”

On a more personal note, what are your favourite Clarins products?
“I’m a big fan of Double Serum and Tonic Body Treatment Oil, my ‘magic’ product for when I feel tired.”

The newest skincare products from Clarins are so on-trend, we couldn’t wait to test-drive them.
Use: Clarins Enhancing Eye Lift Serum ($93)
What it is: An eye serum powered by ingredients such as zerumbet ginger, lady’s mantle and guarana.
Texture: Fresh and light; it feels pleasant and cooling on the skin.
Results: Despite late nights, the puffiness and darkness around our eye area looked less severe after two weeks’ use. 
Use: Clarins V-facial Intensive Wrap ($89)
What it is: A mousse-cream that is said to reduce fluid retention in the face, thanks to ingredients such as zerumbet ginger, horse chestnut and lady’s mantle.
Texture: Rich yet lightweight; the mousse absorbs within minutes.
Results: After two weeks’ use, our faces looked less bloated and our complexions, more radiant. 

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