Winners Beauty Hall of Fame CLEO 2017

Find out what makes these beauty products champions and how to get the most out of them.

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Find out what makes these beauty products champions and how to get the most out of them.

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Best Stay-young-look-young Serum

AHAVA Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6 Facial Serum
You might think wrinkles are years away but you’d be surprised by how a stressful lifestyle can start robbing you of your youth faster than you think. You’ll start to see the loss of radiance and skin firmness, followed by fine lines. Luckily, help is here. After five years of intensive research, this turbo-charged, lipid-based serum is here to strengthen and rejuvenate the skin. What’s more, it is now six times stronger than its previous formulation! This silky-smooth, lightweight yet potent oil-based serum melts into your skin instantly. With continued use, your complexion will appear smoother, and your skin plumper with a healthy glow.

AHAVA Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6 Facial Serum, $120

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Sleep Tight! 

A night cream is essential to helping your skin repair itself while you rest. Formulated for the face, neck and décolleté, AHAVA Uplift Night Cream is a restorative cream that intensely lifts and tightens skin contours while you sleep. Skin elasticity will continue to improve after 28 days of use.
AHAVA Uplift Night Cream, $158

Available at #03-12 The Centrepoint, selected Guardian pharmacies and

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Best Glow-inducing Supplement

ASTALIFT White Shield Drink
It’s just like mum says: you are what you eat. And when it comes to achieving an enviable radiant glow, topical creams can only help so much. That’s why a beauty supplement like ASTALIFT White Shield Drink is the reinforcement you need against dull and damaged skin. Recommended for daily consumption, the highly absorbable drink has up to 4mg of Nano Astaxanthin. These nano-particles of Astaxanthin emulsion are formulated to boost your body’s absorption rate by 1.6 times, so your skin gets even protection from harmful UV rays, and the nourishment it needs to repair sun damage. It also contains antioxidant-rich vitamin C for stronger skin, and the rare molecular Pure Collagen to plump up your skin from within. Above all, this beauty drink comes in a delicious peach and lemon flavour, so drink up! 

ASTALIFT White Shield Drink, $60 for 10 bottles

The White Choice

 With these allies, the fight against dull, uneven skin becomes that much easier.

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The age-fighter

ASTALIFT White Essence Infilt won the category of “Best stay-young-look-young serum” for good reason. This whitening beauty essence is fortified with the proprietary ingredient Nano AMA, vitamin C derivative and a newcomer Nano Oryzanol that boosts the product’s efficacy tenfold. Apply this lightweight serum daily to help prevent age spots and freckles, and restore a healthy glow to your complexion.
ASTALIFT White Essence Infilt, $115

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The multi-tasker 

Protect your skin from damaging UV rays with ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution. It contains a proprietary UV protecting agent “D-UV Guard” that blocks UV rays (including deep UVA rays) to prevent incidental sunburn, while UV Action Capsule releases vitamin C when your skin is exposed to UV rays. The cap turns purple when exposed to UVA rays, and it’s also a sweat- and oil-resistant makeup base that gives you radiant skin.
ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution, $72

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The brightener 

The elegant scent of damask rose and the amazing texture of ASTALIFT White Bright Lotion might be the first things you love about this lotion but what you’ll truly come to appreciate are the beauty benefits from arbutin, an ingredient responsible for creating translucent and glowy skin, and Nano AMA+, a refreshing source of hydration. Apply twice a day and enjoy the results!
ASTALIFT White Bright Lotion, $64

Moisturiser With the Most Skincare Benefits
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Auolive Day Glower Antioxidant Brightening Moisturiser SPF 30

This light and non-greasy water-based moisturiser is packed with skincare benefits. At the core of it is gingko biloba leaf extract, which is renowned for its revitalising, firming and anti-ageing benefits. This extract has high levels of quercetin, a powerful antioxidant that boosts collagen production. Squalene also helps to further brighten your complexion, so your skin looks healthy and radiant even without makeup. It also contains titanium dioxide and multiple UV filters, giving your skin well-rounded protection from UVA and UVB rays. Apply this multi-tasker daily, making sure to apply it to your chin and neck area. On days when you want to go makeup-free, you’ll be happy to know that this moisturiser, which absorbs very quickly, doubles as a makeup primer.
Auolive Day Glower Antioxidant Brightening Moisturiser SPF 30, $118

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Wake up to great skin! 

Packed with 80 percent pure marine collagen, the Auolive Night Booster is a water-based moisturiser that has an innovative self-smoothing memory feature to help plump, lift and contour your face while you get your beauty sleep. It also restores your skin’s moisture levels, so you’ll wake up to skin that feels ultra soft and smooth, and looks radiant and well-rested.
Auolive Night Booster Collagen Restorative Moisturiser, $138

Available at, TANGS VivoCity, and Naisse outlets at Katong 112, The Cathay and Shaw Centre.

Most Lightweight Facial Sunscreen
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Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA++++

What most women don’t know is you need to reapply your sunscreen to get all-day protection. This is why a lightweight facial sunscreen is important – nobody wants to slap on greasy, sticky stuff multiple times a day. Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA++++ has a super light and fluid texture that feels like water and is absorbed instantly, leaving your face feeling cool and refreshed. The new formula is also waterproof and sweatproof, giving you long-lasting UV protection all day. It’s also enriched with hyaluronic acid, royal jelly and citrus extracts to keep your skin moisturised all day. 
Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA++++, $18.90

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Clean-up Crew 

Makeup removal is as crucial a step in your daily skincare regimen as applying sunscreen. Biore Oil Control Micellar Cleansing Water dissolves waterproof makeup with just a gentle swipe. Pure mineral water from the Northern Japanese Alps also helps soothe the skin, while an anti-bacterial formula prevents breakouts and minimises pores for a more refined appearance. 
Biore Oil Control Micellar Cleansing Water, $18.90

Available at all leading pharmacies and supermarkets. 

Most Matte Lipstick Ever
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Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick

Give Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet a try, and you’ll banish whatever doubts you’ve ever had about matte lippies. It has a texture that’s smooth and fluid, making it easy to apply. Once it touches your lips, it melts and leaves a light, velvety matte finish. The colour is rich and vibrant, thanks to colour brightened pigments. While matte lippies tend to dry out your lips, this one is enriched with pure pigments and evanescent oils so it’s incredibly comfortable on your lips all day. There’s no fear of flaking or fine lines, fading or smudging. With 20 shades available, you can easily find one to match your mood or change up your look for different occasions. 
Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick, $25

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Perfect the matte lip 

To prevent lipsticks from feathering, a lip liner is the best way to go. Bourjois Contour Edition Lip Liner is a new generation lip pencil that has shea butter and grape seed oil that helps it glide effortlessly for easy and precise application. These liners come in six shades and are designed to be compatible with any of the lipsticks in the Bourjois Rouge Edition, so go ahead and experiment!
Bourjois Contour Edition Lip Liner, $13.50

Most Lightweight Facial Sunscreen
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Estetica ést.lab SunShield Aqua SPF 50***

Its light texture makes Estetica ést.lab SunShield AQUA SPF 50*** a delight to use. It glides effortlessly across your skin and is absorbed immediately. This sunscreen provides high SPF protection against UVA and UVB damage, and contains a new stable form of vitamin C to stimulate collagen production while suppressing melanin formation. On top of sun protection, it offers beauty benefits as well. It doesn’t clog your pores and your skin will feel soft and smooth upon application, thanks to its moisturising ingredients. It also contains plant extracts to soothe the skin while providing antioxidant benefits.
Estetica ést.lab SunShield Aqua SPF 50***, $86

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Sun’s up!

Estetica ést.lab SunShield SPF 50*** is so much more than a waterproof sunscreen that offers UVA and UVB protection. Its colour-changing technology means that when your skin is exposed to UV rays, it changes colour to match your skin tone and releases vitamins C and E for added protection. It also offers moisturising, antioxidant and soothing benefits. It also doubles as a tinted makeup base for a dewy finish. 
Estetica ést.lab SunShield SPF 50***, $96

Available at all Estetica Beauty Studios and the Estetica e-shop (

Most Strand-softening Hair Mask
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HASK Argan Oil From Morocco Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

The secret to this winner’s success lies in the use of virgin argan oil – a timeless beauty secret from Morocco. This miracle oil is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants such as vitamin E, and penetrates deep into the hair shaft to deliver all the goodness you need to strengthen and restore softness and shine to even the most damaged of tresses. On top of that, it’s free of sulfates and parabens, and is packed with silk amino acids, keratin and collagen to further nourish, moisturise and improve manageability. 
HASK Argan Oil from Morocco Repairing Deep Conditioner, $4.90

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Spritz away!  

Here’s another winner for your hair woes! HASK Essentials 5-in-1 Hair Rescue Leave-in Conditioner Spray, winner of Best Leave-in Conditioner this year, has five benefits – it detangles and smoothes, moisturises, controls frizz, adds a lustrous shine and provides thermal protection. 
HASK Essentials 5-in-1 Hair Rescue Leave-In Conditioner Spray, $16.90

Available at selected Guardian, Cold Storage and Watsons stores.

Best Volumiser
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When it comes to hair products, KMS knows what they’re doing. After all, they have more than 40 years of experience, and all their products harness the innovative TRIfinity Technology. 

At the top of the list of must-haves from their range is this miracle worker for women with fine and flat hair, or anyone who wants to add some serious oomph. The genius of KMS ADDVOLUME Liquid Dust is it creates the dramatic fullness volumisers can achieve without the mess of a powder. Just apply it to the roots of towel-dried hair and blow-dry your hair, using your hands to shape your hairstyle. 

But that’s not all – it offers versatility, allowing you to reshape your style with your hands without compromising on its long-lasting hold. This means you can go for a tamer look in the day and at the end of the day when you’re ready to party, touch-up by taking a couple more drops in your hands and spreading through.
KMS ADDVOLUME Liquid Dust, $32

Hairway to Heaven

Regardless of your hair woes, KMS products can help you create the style you’re after. Just follow their three-step regimen of START. STYLE. FINISH. 

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If you have fine hair…

The START step of KMS’ recommended regime is to prep your hair so the effect of your styling product is amplified. For women with limp locks, KMS ADDVOLUME Shampoo improves the internal structure of hair so it looks and feels thicker and stronger. It also evens out the surface so when you use any ADDVOLUME styling products after, it adheres well and you can get up to 70 percent more volume!
KMS ADDVOLUME Shampoo, $32

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If you have damaged hair… 

If your hair is prone to splitting or breaking, your locks needs extra TLC. Make KMS MOISTREPAIR Anti-Breakage Spray the fi rst step in your STYLE regime. This leave-in spray conditions and detangles hair while strengthening it from within. Best of all, it restores the hair’s natural surface so whatever style you go for, your tresses always look smooth, healthy and shiny.
KMS MOISTREPAIR Anti-Breakage Spray, $36

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If you want your style to last… 

You may start out with perfect hair but we all know our humid weather will wreak havoc in no time. That’s why the FINISH step is crucial to keep your style in place all day. Spritz KMS HAIRSTAY Working Hair Spray after styling your hair – it delivers incredible hold while giving you a touchable, moveable finish, making it easy for you to brush and re-work you shape.
KMS HAIRSTAY Working Hairspray, $36

Available at KMS authorised salons. For more information, call 6681 4748 or visit KMS on Facebook (KMS Singapore) and Instagram (@kmshairsgp).

Best Cushion Makeup
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LANEIGE BB Cushion_Whitening

This overachiever delivers multiple benefits in one product. This water-resistant and SPF 50+ PA+++ cushion makeup adheres perfectly to your skin, leaving a natural and sheer finish that’s also buildable for greater coverage despite heat and humidity. If that isn’t enough to impress you, it uses a patented Sparkling Coat™ technology that features a pearl and water coating that reflects light evenly to give you an enviable dewy glow. It also offers brightening benefits through Melacrusher Technology, which works to fight skin discolouration from within. To use, gently press the puff into the BB liquid cushion.
LANEIGE BB Cushion_Whitening, $59

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Less is more 

K-Beauty fans know that naturally defined eyebrows is a key trend. This duo-tone cushion eyebrow kit is designed for newbies to perfect eyebrows effortlessly. The good news for those with oily skin is that the liquid-to-powder formula makes it more resistant to water and sweat, so it lasts all day! 
LANEIGE Eyebrow Cushion-cara, $36

Available at all LANEIGE boutiques and counters.

Best Everyday Lipstick
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LANEIGE Silk Intense Lipstick in 465 Privilege

An everyday lipstick should have a shade and finish that’s versatile enough for both work and play, and it has to last. At the same time, it can’t be so blah that it’s forgettable. Enter LANEIGE Silk Intense Lipstick in 465 Privilege. Firstly, this pink-beige tone is classy enough for work yet girly enough for a night out. Yet it’s anything but boring, thanks to the ultra-micronised pigment technology that delivers a bright, vibrant and intense colour. It’s also extremely easy to apply, built to last, and has a fabric-like texture that glides on easily and adheres to the shape and contours of your lips.
LANEIGE Silk Intense Lipstick in 465 Privilege, $36

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Pucker up! 

If you’re a lipstick junkie, you’ll need to give your lips some TLC. Consider LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask, which is formulated with Moisture Wrap™ to revive even the driest of lips overnight. It’s rich in antioxidant goodness from Berry Mix Complex™ to repair and protect. Just slick it on and wake up to a supple, plump and smooth pout!
LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask, $27

Available at all LANEIGE boutiques and counters.

Fluid Foundation That Feels Most Like Second Skin
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MISSHA Aqua Cover Foundation SPF 20/PA++

While some liquid foundations tend to leave an oily finish, MISSHA Aqua Cover Foundation SPF 20/ PA++ comes up tops in this category because it is formulated with ingredients like chia seed and birch sap to counteract that problem by flooding your skin with moisture. As a result, the foundation sits comfortably on soothed  skin and the finish is always fresh without any sign of greasiness. On top of that, Kakadu plum and lime extracts also give your skin a radiance boost. 
MISSHA Aqua Cover Foundation SPF20/PA++, $26.90

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Au Naturel 

If you prefer a compact foundation, consider MISSHA The Original Tension Pact [Natural Cover SPF 37/PA+++]. It glides effortlessly across your skin, providing natural, matte and long-lasting coverage. It also conceals facial flaws like fine lines and freckles, so your skin texture will appear finer and smoother.
MISSHA The Original Tension Pact [Natural Cover SPF 37/PA+++], $27.90

Available at #02-58 Bugis+, #B1-03 Esplanade MRT, OG Albert Complex, OG People’s Park, #B2-03 Orchard Gateway, #01-37 Resorts World Sentosa, #02-12 Westgate and #03-20A White Sands.

Best Pre-Serum Essence
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MISSHA Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence [Intensive Moist]

Hands up if you feel your skin doesn’t look as good as it should sometimes, considering the amount of time and money you spend on it. Well, it might be because you’re skipping an important step that primes your skin to absorb your subsequent products. Introducing MISSHA Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence [Intensive Moist]. It contains 90 percent fermented yeast extract – a highly concentrated ingredient that develops the skin’s reserves of water. As a result, your skin is deeply nourished and hydrated from within; so when you apply the rest of your skincare products, the results are amplified.
MISSHA Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence [Intensive Moist], $79.90

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See the difference!  

We want bouncy, plump skin, and we want it yesterday. For quick, visible results, you need a potent solution like MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule. This highly concentrated essential ampoule is armed with four kinds of lactic acid fermented ingredients to repair damaged skin, as well as to restore elasticity and reinforce the   natural energy of skin.
MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule, $59.90 

Available at #02-58 Bugis+, #B1-03 Esplanade MRT, OG Albert Complex, OG People’s Park, #B2-03 Orchard Gateway, #01-37 Resorts World Sentosa, #02-12 Westgate and #03-20A White Sands. 

Loose Powder With the Most Translucent Finish
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MUJI Loose Finishing Powder (Natural)

Some people avoid using loose powder because they think it’s an unnecessary step in their makeup regime that will leave a cakey finish. Well, the right loose powder can do wonders – it sets your makeup and helps it last longer. MUJI Loose Finishing Powder (Natural) is made of a fine yet mattifying powder, so you don’t have to worry about your face getting an oily sheen. It’s also formulated to enhance your translucent skin tone so your face looks naturally radiant and healthy. The puff is made of a soft nylon-polyester material to pick up just the right amount of loose powder each time. The puff is also designed to be slightly elastic, making application an effortless one – great for those hard-to-reach corners.
MUJI Loose Finishing Powder (Natural), $11.30 to $21.90

Best Face Forward

 MUJI has simple, fuss-free solutions for all your most common skin and beauty needs.

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If you want a healthy hue …

The easiest way to fake a healthy, radiant glow is by applying some colour to your cheeks. MUJI Cheek Colour – Matte Type (Rose), also winner of Best Blusher Under $30 in this year’s Beauty Hall of Fame, is made with fine particle powders that adhere to your skin for a natural look. Apply it in straight strokes along your cheekbones for a sharper, more contoured effect. Alternatively, apply it in circular strokes to the apples of your cheeks for a rosy finish.  
MUJI Cheek Color – Matte Type (Rose), $9.60

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If you want to remove your makeup thoroughly…

Makeup removal is crucial – the last thing you want is for bacteria and makeup particles to accumulate on your skin as that can lead to oily skin and breakouts. MUJI Mild Oil Cleansing is incredibly gentle as it is fragrance-, alcohol-, mineral oil- and colour additive-free, and also deeply and thoroughly removes makeup. Apply evenly to your face then rinse with lukewarm water to reveal clean and soft skin. 
MUJI Mild Oil Cleansing, $7.90 to $19.90

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If your sensitive skin needs a hydration boost … 

The MUJI Sensitive Skin Series is a hypoallergenic series that uses soft, natural water from the Kamaishi prefecture, grapefruit seed and purslane extracts to help protect the skin from pollution, air-conditioning, stress and fatigue. Use MUJI Toning Water to prevent your delicate skin from dryness and finish with Moisturizing Milk for an extra dose of hydration. Your skin will be soft, smooth and soothed.
MUJI Sensitive Skin Series - Toning Water & Moisturizing Milk, $4.60 to $20.90

Available at all MUJI stores. 

Best Eye De-puffer
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NOVU Enliven Lifting Eye Gel

There are many factors that contribute to puffy eyes such as eating too much salty food, allergies and even rubbing your eyes. Unlike the rest of your face, the skin around your eyes is 10 times thinner, so any skin woes in that region tend to be more prominent. That’s why an eye gel like NOVU Enliven Lifting Eye Gel is a lifesaver. It’s loaded with natural fruit extracts to stimulate micro-circulation around the eyes so puffiness and raccoon eyes are reduced. It’s also fortified with Australian super fruit Kakadu plum extract and hydrating hyaluronic acid to improve the skin’s texture and barrier function. 
NOVU Enliven Lifting Eye Gel, $78

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Squeaky clean 

You know cleansing is important but you want a cleanser that does the job gently. Enter NOVU Elemental Advanced Renewal Cleansing Milk. Enriched with shea butter and witch hazel extract, this cleansing milk removes makeup gently while boosting hydration. What’s more, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits to keep your skin soft, smooth and soothed. 
NOVU Elemental Advanced Renewal Cleansing Milk, $28

Available at all NOVU clinics, selected Watsons branches, and selected NTUC Xtra and Finest branches.

Best Moisturiser for Thirsty Skin
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When you have dry skin, your skin’s turnover rate is disrupted and the cells on the surface of your skin are not fully developed, causing spaces to form. The renewed ORBIS AQUAFORCE Moisture uses Moisture Magnet AQ to target these gaps and deliver moisture, creating a reservoir within the skin. To ensure your skin holds in this moisture for longer, Pure Aqua Essence nurtures a healthy surface layer, and Moisture Capture Veil forms a protective layer to minimise moisture loss. Free of oil, fragrance and artificial colour, it comes in two variations – M for normal to dry skin and L for oily and combination skin.  

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Face off 

If you have dry skin, cleansing is important to maintain a soft, smooth and refined complexion. After all, blackheads, whiteheads and dirt make your pores more prominent. ORBIS Powder Wash + is a facial wash that uses two different enzymes to remove excess grime, blackheads and whiteheads. It also contains collagen, hyaluronic acid and royal jelly extract to keep skin moisturised and plump. 
ORBIS Powder Wash +, $25

Available at all ORBIS counters and outlets at #B2-03A Takashimaya S.C., #03-76 Plaza Singapura, #02-18 Westgate, #01-46 Junction 8, ROBINSONS The Heeren, ROBINSONS Raffles City, and the ORBIS online store (

Best Liquid Lipstick
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Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

You might love the texture and easy application of a liquid lipstick, but not so much the glossy, shiny slick of colour. After all, this year’s hottest trend is a matte pop of colour on the lips! So what’s a girl to do? Well, use Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor™. Revlon’s 100 percent wax-free, high-definition gel formula and plush applicator make matte lips smooth and effortless, giving you full coverage in just one coat. But it’s the vivid matte high-definition colour that you’ll truly love. The finish is velvety and lightweight, and it feels comfortable on your lips. Your lips will stay moisturised and smooth, and the colour doesn’t fade. Plus, the scent of whipped vanilla and creamy mango makes this an even more indulgent treat. It comes in 10 sultry shades.
Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor™, $21.90

Make Me Over!

Create a versatile makeup look that works for day and night with these Revlon must-haves.

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If you want a healthy hue...

Whether you’re going for a dramatic or natural makeup look, use a blusher to highlight your cheekbones. Revlon Insta-Blush™ is a blusher in a stick format. The cream formula blends seamlessly and turns to a powder for a natural flush and the perfect finishing touch to a highlighted look. To apply, simply draw on the cheeks then blend with a brush or fingers.
Revlon Insta-Blush™, $25.90

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If you want to give your eyes serious definition...

The devil’s in the details and sometimes, something as simple as a few flicks of the right mascara can make a huge difference. The Beauty Hall of Fame winner for Mascara for the Most Dramatic Result, Revlon Dramatic Definition™ Mascara in Waterproof Blackest Black uses a smooth and flexible formula to coat and separate each lash for bold definition without the risk of clumping or smudging. Even without any additional eye makeup, your eyes will appear bigger and fresher. 
Revlon Dramatic Definition™ Mascara in Waterproof Blackest Black, $19.90

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If you want matte coverage...

If your face is oily, your makeup isn’t going to last, and the finished effect will look muddy. That’s why this Beauty Hall of Fame winner for Most Mattifying Compact Foundation is a good start to your makeup routine. Revlon ColorStay™ 2-in-1 Compact Makeup & Concealer expertly matches long-wearing makeup and concealer into one compact. The concealer shade hides dark circles and spots while the makeup blends seamlessly to give you a long-lasting, sweat-resistant finish. 
Revlon ColorStay™ 2-in-1 Compact Makeup & Concealer, $30.90

Available at selected Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Fairprice Finest and major department stores.