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Whip up fancy feasts easily with the right appliances

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Whip up fancy feasts easily with the right appliances

Expecting company for dinner and wondering how to fix a spread to feed the crowd? With Brandt’s new built-in ovens, it is easy to prepare a myriad dishes like a professional chef.

With Brandt, making dish after dish is so seamless, thanks to preset cooking modes. Its automatic smart cooking system, Autocook, also recommends the appropriate temperatures and timings accordingly, so you can never go wrong in your meal prep. Add to that, its heat diffusion technology keeps temperatures precise and controls air circulation perfectly, ensuring your food stays moist while evenly cooked for consistent quality.

Aside from ease of use, the ovens feature ex cel lent insulation and homogenous heat distribution , which help to conserve energy.

Crafted in France, Brandt’s pyrolytic ovens marry practical functionality with sleek, contemporary design that impresses with just a glance.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how effortless it is to create culinary feasts and wow your guests for your next party. Brandt makes kitchen work foolproof and stress-free!

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From $1,999 (U.P. $2,599), available from all leading electronics dealers and retailers. Find out more at

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