Refreshing Goodness

Slake your thirst with this healthy, all-natural beverage

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Slake your thirst with this healthy, all-natural beverage

Instead of reaching for a can of fizzy soda or sweetened sports drink after your workout, hydrate yourself with UFC Refresh Coconut Water, which is refreshingly delicious and 100 per cent natural.

Harvested from young coconut plantations in Thailand’s “coconut belt” areas, this aromatic beverage is perfect after a sweltering day out in the sun or a sweaty session at the gym.

This hydrating drink is the healthier choice for replenishing your body’s liquids and essential nutrients as it does not contain any added sugars, additives, colours or artificial flavours.

Besides quenching your thirst, did you know that UFC Refresh Coconut Water can be used to make a tasty but healthier soup base for your steamboat feast? Infuse subtle flavour and add even more refreshing goodness into your meal as you elevate your next steamboat session.

UFC Refresh Coconut Water is available at stores near you.

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