Time to Sparkle

Taste the extraordinaire and inject some bubbly fun into your life with Perrier’s fruit-flavoured sparkling waters.

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Taste the extraordinaire and inject some bubbly fun into your life with Perrier’s fruit-flavoured sparkling waters.

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What can be more refreshing than naturally sparkling, premium H2O infused with delicate, natural fruit flavours, to cool off on a hot day? Perrier’s Sparkling Natural Mineral water not only quenches your thirst and relieves parched throats, it does so with exuberant effervescence, putting a spring in your step with every sip.

Natural Wonder

For over 150 years, since its inception in 1863, Perrier has delighted generations with its distinctive natural bubbles and balanced mineral content. Originating in Vergeze, in the southern region of France, their waters are bottled at one unique source and sold in more than 140 countries.

What is special about Perrier is that it is one of the world’s few sparkling mineral waters whose carbonation comes from a naturally occurring source found beneath the spring itself. Due to its very low bicarbonate and sodium content, its waters have a unique taste, making it a truly all-natural drink like no other.

Sugar-free and calorie-free as well, this healthy carbonated beverage is a great alternative to sugar-laden soft drinks. No wonder Perrier is the perfect choice for those who love their bubbly indulgences – minus the extra calories, of course. 

Fiesty Flavours 

With a touch of natural flavouring enhancing their natural bubbles, Perrier’s range includes Lemon, Lime and Pink Grapefruit flavours, as well as their new Strawberry flavour. 

With these citrusy infusions, you can get your sweet fix without the sugar. There are no added sweeteners or preservatives either, so you know you are getting 100 percent natural and pure spring water. 

Be it at home or on the go, enjoy tasty flavoured sparkling water in all its purity without having to worry about overloading on caffeine or calories that often come with popular sweet drinks.

Mixer Magic

Around the clock, there are so many ways to enjoy Perrier. Hydrate yourself at the office, replenish your liquids after a workout, enjoy a pick-me-up after work or serve it as a healthy option at the family potluck.

At your next dinner party, spruce up your spread with Perrier and take it up a notch by adding some colour (and class!) to serving glasses with fruit slices like lemon, cucumber or watermelon.

Its purity and high carbonation also make it an ideal mixer for a plethora of cocktails and mocktails. Easy to make and so refreshing, discover the limits of your creativity by whipping up endless concoctions with Perrier’s flavoured sparkling waters.

For a fizzy fix, mix Perrier Lemon with a shot of gin and some cane sugar syrup to awaken the senses. Or hit the detox route with Perrier Lime mixed with slices of ginger, lime juice and low-glycemic agave syrup.

For unique and creative drinks with a burst of bubbles, your imagination is the limit! Whether it is straight up from a can or in a cocktail, add some sparkle to your life and let Perrier be your fizzy beverage of choice to slake your thirst – anytime, anywhere.

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Perrier Strawberry Basilic

Whip up this refreshing cocktail in two shakes – it’s that easy!


• 200 ml lemon juice

• 20 ml vanilla cane sugar syrup

• 6 fresh basil leaves

• 100 ml of Perrier Strawberry


1. In a cocktail shaker, add the lemon juice, vanilla cane sugar syrup and basil leaves.

2. Add ice and shake, then top with Perrier Strawberry.

3. Pour the mixture into a glass and serve with a sprig of basil and skewered strawberries.

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