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This water purifier by Cuckoo is the world’s first self-sterilising system and comes with top notch after-care service

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This water purifier by Cuckoo is the world’s first self-sterilising system and comes with top notch after-care service

No matter how clean your kitchen appears, it’s actually home to thousands of unseen microorganisms such as bacteria. The usual suspects for contamination include the sink and water faucets that are not properly sterilised.

Introducing Cuckoo’s ICON water purifier, which features a ground-breaking in-and-out electrolysis sterilisation system. This means that the unit doesn’t just dispense purified hot, cold and room temperature water, but keeps the entire filtration system clean as a whistle, from the drain tube (which is often in contact with water) to the faucet (which is often tainted by micro dust).

The ICON features innovative and patented filtration technologies – a Natural Filter and Nano Positive Filter – which offer a myriad of health benefits such as sieving out impurities and heavy metals, maintaining the water at a mild-alkaline pH level as well as eliminating bacteria.

It also elevates the look of your countertop with a gorgeous touch panel design with mood lighting, and comes replete with smart functions like voice navigation in English, Malay and Chinese.

But what about maintenance?

It’s common knowledge that filters need to be changed regularly to function well. Thanks to Cuckoo’s dedicated Natural Care Service, your filter gets replaced every four months – the shortest filter replacement period in the market. The Korean brand places your family’s health as its topmost priority, so a service professional will come by to personally change the filter and check on your unit.

Cuckoo’s Natural Care Service includes sterilising the water tank and faucet with steam to eradicate any residue or bacteria, as well as your sink and cutting boards which are prime spots for bacteria to thrive. The service professional will also do a 15-point check to ensure that all parts are clean and functioning well, from the power point to the filter, tubing and switches, leaving you with absolute peace of mind and a cleaner and healthier home.

The ICON only costs $330 to service per year.

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Cuckoo ICON Water Purifier, $2,099, is available at Cuckoo Brandshop, 16 Keong Saik Road & Cuckoo Brandstore, #03-K3 Westgate Mall.

Visit or call 6248 0888.