WMF Fusiontec Mineral cookware doesn’t only look good, it’s made to last with an innovative high-tech material

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WMF Fusiontec Mineral cookware doesn’t only look good, it’s made to last with an innovative high-tech material

What does your ideal cookware look like? When you’re buying pots and pans for a healthy home, and you care about using quality products to elevate your cooking experience, you’ll be paying attention to the details. Does your cookware meet the criteria below?

Is it made from quality material?

When you invest in cookware, and you’re serious about cooking, you want something that’s made to last a lifetime. WMF Fusiontec Mineral range is made with a special iron steel core fused with natural minerals at a high temperature so they become inseparable. This means you don’t have to worry about peeling or chipping. The sleek, smooth ceramic-coated surface is super hard and resistant to cutting, scratching and abrasion, which means your cookware will look newer for longer. Made with German precision, WMF is so confident of the range that a 30-year warranty is guaranteed for the inner and outer Fusiontec material.

Is it designed for cooking performance?

Whether you want to cook a hearty stew or pan-seared steak, you want your cookware to perform at its best. The WMF Fusiontec Mineral range ensures even the most complicated dishes are a success, with its optimal, even heat conduction and distribution. The pots and pans can be used on all types of hobs – gas cookers or induction. Thought has been put into making things easy for the home chef. They have glass lids so you can keep an eye on your cooking, and handles remain cool during use on induction. Some iron pots get chipped and rust at the rim, but these are built solid – with chrome rims coated using a special plating procedure. The pots are considerably lighter than cast iron pots, making them more user friendly too. The cookware is also acid resistant and neutral to taste.

Will it look good in your kitchen?

You want something that will be a classic, that will travel with you even as your kitchen style and decor evolves. So these pots and pans are not only built to last a lifetime, they have been designed to look stylish to remain on-trend through time. The WMF Fusiontec Mineral range comes in black, platinum, dark brass and rose quartz with a subtle metallic effect. They’re so chic they’ll be perfect for serving at the table, too.

Is it easy to care for?

We all detest having to scrub and possibly ruin our cookware. With its smooth surface, the WMF Fusiontec Mineral pots and pan are easy to clean, dishwasher safe and stainless.

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Stew in Style… The Fusiontec Mineral series is available in elegant hues of black, platinum, dark brass and rose quartz. The WMF Fusiontec Mineral range, which starts at $199, will be available at leading department stores from October.