Welcome to the annual Simply Her Cake Hall of Fame. We tasted over 30 cakes before presenting the 11 most tantalising confections of the year. And, we promise, they’re worth every single calorie! BY HO PEI YING.

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Welcome to the annual Simply Her Cake Hall of Fame. We tasted over 30 cakes before presenting the 11 most tantalising confections of the year. And, we promise, they’re worth every single calorie! BY HO PEI YING.

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Cranberry Lemon Thyme Bundt.

$80 (1.2kg), from Chalk Farm, #B1-K24 Paragon, tel: 6235-2872, and #B1-83M Parkway Parade, tel: 6348-2032.

This sweet bundt cake brings together a classic pairing – lemon and thyme – more often used in savour y dishes. The outcome was an exot ically per fumed creation offset by a punch of cranberries.

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Le Caillou.

$65 (small; for four to  five persons), from Mad About Sucre, 27 Teo Hong Road, tel: 6221-3969.

An adult-only treat, the base was a pecan nut shor tbread layered with butter pecan mousse, zesty Spanish mandarin orange and Caribbean white rum cream. Easily the most sophisticated cake in the line-up.

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Chocolate Matcha Cake.

$63 (8cm), from all Cedele, including #B1-02A Raffles City Shopping Centre, tel: 6334-4828. East meets West.

The green tea sponge was generously layered with rich chocolate truffle and an authentic bittersweet matcha green tea cream. A smooth, luscious dark chocolate ganache enveloped this indulgent creation.

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Earl Grey Mile Crepes.

$85 (9cm), from Lady M Confections, including #01-27 Orchard Central, tel: 6509-3673.

Easily one of the creamiest and most indulgent mille crepe cakes we’ve tasted, with no less than 20 paper-thin crepes. Because each is so thin, the cake was smooth and velvety, and we were glad that the Earl Grey infusion wasn’t overwhelming. It added just that right hint of flavour.


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Avocado Hazelnut Cheesecake.

$60 (1kg), from Bloomsbury Bakers, 30 Bendemeer Road, #01-889, tel: 6299-3450. Place your order at

Avocado isn’t the most aggressive of flavour s. Here, the fruit combined seamlessly with the cheesecake ingredients to alleviate the richness of this creation. The hazelnut crumble drizzled with gula melaka added bite and depth.


Enjoy dense and creamy cheesecakes with citrusy teas, like Russian Earl Grey, which helps to cut the richness – and not make you feel so guilty! 

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Blueberry Ricotta Cheesecake.

$58 (14cm), from Two Bakers, 88 Horne Road, tel: 6293-0329.

According to the creators, every element of this cheesec ake is handmade from scratch, right down to the blueberry jam and cheese. In fact, the ricotta made this an intensely dense cheesecake, that blended well with the blueberries – neither too tart nor sweet – and the soft almond crumble base.

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Takoh Belle.

$50 (7cm), from Out of the Cake Box, 45 Telok Blangah Drive, #01-173, tel: 6271-1975.

This pretty cake was inspired by takoh, the sweet and salty Thai coconut jelly dessert in pandan leaf cups. Here , it’s a beautiful marriage of coconut custard, pandan cheesecake and sweet corn mousse. On their own, the layers don’t make a strong impact, but eaten together? Heavenly!

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Mt Faber.

$42 (12cm), from Chef Yamashita, #02-44 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, tel: 6604-9709.

Pandan sponge, gula melaka cream and longan made a delicious filling between stacks of flaky puff pastry.

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Coeur Rouge.

$65 (15cm), from Henri Charpentier, 9A Dempsey Road, tel: 6479-5518.

First, we were won over by its appearance, and then we were wowed by the arresting flavours and textures. A thin sheet of milk chocolate went over the dacquoise (nut-flavoured meringue) base, which was topped with a light mandarin and strawberry mousse . The result: something sweet and seductive.

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Bombe Cerise.

$90 (18cm), from Patisserie G, #01-40/41, Millenia Walk, tel: 6338-7578.

Bombe Cerise means cherry bomb. And no wonder. Enclosed in a jellied fruit glaze, this looked like a giant cherry that looked ready to explode! There were layers of dark chocolate sponge and mousse, smooth chocolate cream, kirsch-soaked cherries, and hazelnut praline dacquoise.

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Strawberry Temptation.

$44 (17cm), from Paris Baguette, #02-02/03 and #02-48 Wisma Atria, tel: 6836-2010, and #02-20/21 Jem, tel: 6734-7765.

Strawberry cake is, well, strawberry cake. But it turns into a star when you dress it with a fresh cream and custard mix that is light, non-greasy and soft. And since there was lots of it, we were also delighted that the baker was just as generous with the sweet, succulent fruits.