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"The English Garden at Jaan offer diners both flowers and vegetables"
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The whole idea of garden-to-plate shows no signs of abating, with buds and blooms moving into distinct flavour profiles. Take leading fragrance and flavour company, Firmenich, who has declared the humble hibiscus as the 2019 Flavour of the Year. The flower is being worked into everything from beer to chocolate, tea to yogurt because of its tangy notes, its versatility and its purported health benefits. Other flowers which are also gaining favour in the culinary world include lavender, elderflower, rose and violet.

In Singapore, many bars are in on the trend, with The Warehouse Hotel offering the Barbarella cocktail, a concoction of hibiscus gin, elderflower, rhubarb, egg white, and earl grey; while SKAI Bar gives its own spin with the Camu Camu, a creation that blends camu camu cordial, hibiscus and soursop purée. Food-wise, Chef Kirk Westaway at Jaan offers an English Garden, a medley of seasonal vegetables garnished with pansies, pea flowers and purple daisies. So don’t just stick your bouquet into a pretty vase—take it to the kitchen and bar to make a veritable edible garden of delights.
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"Susucre is known for its romantic cakes, adorned with sugar flowers"


Isn’t it wonderful that feasting with your eyes is completely and utterly guilt-free and zero calorie? Indulge in these gorgeous cakes from local baker Susucre. Having established a solid reputation for crafting gorgeous novelty cakes, they have taken sculpting to grand artistic levels with intricate figurines and delicate flowers made out of fondant and icing. Choose from flavours like caramelised milk, red velvet and double chocolate. Each confection comes coated with delicious chocolate ganache before being covered with fondant. Susucre also creates bespoke dessert tables for parties, with an array of brownies, cupcakes, cake pops, macarons and pies to satisfy the most demanding sweet tooth. Wow your guests at weddings, birthdays, showers or anniversaries. Visit
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"Sucre's Discovery Tea Samplers and organic chocolate bars make perfect gifts for any occasion"


Flowers are a big trend as well with artisanal tea maker Sucre. Taking inspiration from blossoms both near and far, the blends on offer are a captivating mix of both East and West– like Kyoto Cherry Rose, Chamomile Hibiscus, Enchanted Garden and Rose Oolong. This carries through to their organic farm-to-bar chocolates as well. Try Hanami, with its K notes of cherry and rose which are meant to evoke the cherry-blossom season in Japan; or Eden which conjures up exotic fruit and R flowers with its sweet and tangy notes. Visit