Take a break from meal prep, grocery shopping and charges for organic ingredient requests. takeaways. Sign up for these food and drink subscription services instead.

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My Cuistot serves up balanced meals for those seeking to lose the lockdown love handles. 

As we look to lighten up after the lockdown, it’s time to rethink what we eat. Take the hassle out of meal planning and leave it to My Cuistot ( The meal subscription service offers two diet-friendly plans: Healthy, for those whose objective is weight control, and Healthy Diet, for those who want to shed a few kilos. The latter offers low-calorie (under 450 calories) and low-carb dishes such as roasted chicken with dill yogurt sauce, sautéed red onion and artichoke hearts; and beef meatballs with marinara sauce, zucchini juliennes and kale. The Singapore site only takes custom menu orders, where you can indicate your dietary preferences, requirements and food allergies. The minimum order is three meals per week for two persons, and you can customise meals from 30 rotating dishes, with extra charges for organic ingredient requests. 

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Expect a wide variety of healthy meal choices from My Cuistot.

If you still need your carbs, there’s an easier way to get your sourdough fix other than baking your own. Get your loaves from Bread Yard (, an artisanal bakery which offers three subscriptions— monthly, fortnightly and weekly—for bread only, or bread and pastry packages. Each delivery includes two loaves of your choice of sourdough flavours, bagels or baguettes. The pastry package includes one loaf of bread and four pastries, including croissants and cruffins. There’s a minimum two-month subscription order. 

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Bread Yard’s selection of artisanal sourdough breads and pastries. 

A little lubrication can ease some of the stress of self-isolation. Emperor Champagne ( and Wala Club ( curate a monthly champagne, wine or sake box for your tippling pleasure. Emperor’s Champagne Club membership offers one, two or six champagnes monthly (from $128 per month) and these are not your garden variety bubbly—you might get to try a champagne aged under the sea or a special vintage not available for retail. Wala Club has two wine subscription options. The flexi plan (from $98 per month) comes with a free wine chiller on loan for a year, and the option to choose a different country of origin each month, ideal for the adventurous oenophile. For those with more definite preferences in terroir, the fixed plan (from $88 per month) offers four packages to choose from: French, Aussie & New Zealand, Italian & Spanish, and Sake. 

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Take your pick of New or Old World wines from Wala Club’s comprehensive collection. 

Make sure you’re well supplied with coffee to keep you awake during those onerous Zoom meetings. Nespresso ( offers a 12-month subscription plan (starting from $35 per month). The monthly fee is banked as store credit and can be spent any way you wish, and to sweeten the deal, you get to buy and keep a coffee machine for just $1. Local boutique coffee brand PPP Coffee ( can also arrange a regular subscription. Standard coffee bag orders come with customisable grinds suited for the coffee maker you use; or choose from their Supernova Nespresso-compatible pod collection.

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Nespresso’s subscription plan includes a coffee machine for just $1. 

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PPP Coffee’s SuperNova coffee pods.