Culinary Creator, Angela May Food Chapters

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Culinary Creator, Angela May Food Chapters

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Angela May belongs to an extraordinary league of individuals who are as adept in front of a camera as they are cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Besides running her own eatery, Angela May Food Chapters at Robinsons The Heeren, the restaurateur doubles up as the host of Bocuse d’Or (considered the world’s most prominent cooking competition) and jets off to various exotic corners of the world in her capacity as television presenter on the lookout for the next chic eat.

When did you first learn to cook?

I started cooking as a child. My first dish to conquer was doughnuts—I loved cinnamon and sugar doughnuts so I thought, “Why not make them myself?”

What was the goal when you started Angela May Food Chapters?

We’ve introduced a new menu at Angela May Food Chapters; we like to think of it as a sequel to the opening of the restaurant. This time around, we’ve brought together influences from various Asian soul foods, and created a range of Asian classics that are comforting and nourishing, yet bold and rich at the same time. Ultimately, my goal is to use the finest, freshest and most natural ingredients, especially those sourced from growers who care about the generations to come. It’s also about creating beautiful, healthy and clean-tasting food.

We’re constantly on the look-out for farmers in the area who share the same philosophy as us: To one day use 100 percent local ingredients at Angela May Food Chapters. We are not there yet, but we’ll keep working towards it.
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Any food trends you’re embracing this season?

Minimalistic cooking: Cook everything less (and less complicated), and focus on freshness.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Macaroni and cheese, kissing my dog, too much wine and online shopping!

You never fail to emerge from the kitchen looking flawless. What are your beauty tricks?

Trust me, I’m a mess! But I always make sure I have a great hair colourist so even when things get crazy, it’s a good crazy.

And a tight ponytail can be as good as botox! I always wear blush so that I don’t look dead, and I never leave the house without curling my lashes and mascara. My blush is NARS Orgasm, my eyelash curler is from Sephora and my mascara is Inimitable by Chanel.

Describe your best dinner outfit.

I love my clothes, and I love silk tops. I can’t live without a simple pair of Jimmy Choo Romy 100 heels in black suede.
They are the most comfortable shoes I own outside of sneakers. I can wear these heels with just about anything— even a pair of ripped jeans.