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Whether you’re a fitness entrepreneur or simply love to work out, Core Collective is a new co-working space worth checking out.

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Whether you’re a fitness entrepreneur or simply love to work out, Core Collective is a new co-working space worth checking out.

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The trend of co-working spaces has finally lunged its way into the fitness sphere – and it’s being led by Core Collective. 

Located in the heart of downtown Singapore, this new concept by Aurum Group introduces a platform made just for fitness and wellness professionals. 


Just like any co-working space, it allows these like-minded entrepreneurs in the community to mingle, collaborate, and share ideas across their fields. But in place of conference rooms, are yoga and pilates reformer studios, and instead of hot desks, you’ll see chiropractic tables and cushy consultation rooms. 

Stretching over three floors, the 23,600 sq ft space is well thought out with specific levels for fitness and wellness, as well as a flexible event space at ground level where boot camps and workshops can potentially take place. 

For health practitioners such as nutritionists and physiotherapists, 29 furnished treatment rooms are available for rent, while trainers will have access to a fully equipped gym and functional training area lined with a beautiful artificial turf.

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For those who love working out, Core Collective is more than just another new gym in the CBD. 

Not only are you able to try niche fitness classes like Callisthenics HIIT, and MMA under one roof, but you can also discover more unique ones like Zuuga and Filthy60 boot camp sessions. 

The former is a bodyweight workout that combines yoga, Zuu (an intensive workout that uses primal moves), dance, callisthenics, gymnastics and Ankorr (a full-body dynamic workout that uses a resistance harness anchored to a fixed point). 

If you’re game for variety, the latter (Filthy60) might interest you. Expect to do intervals of cardio drills and muscle conditioning exercises, throw some punches and use anything from jump ropes to free weights in a circuit workout format. 

While you won’t find barre classes on the schedule, fans of the workout can try the exclusive Ballet Body class instead. Suitable for all fitness levels, it blends classic ballet moves with pilates matwork – perfect for building strength and flexibility.

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Download the Core Collective app (available on App Store and Google Play), and create an individual account to book various group fitness classes or private sessions. 

Classes are priced from $27 per session onwards, depending on class types (mat/ reformer), as well as single-purchase or packages.