The Needle Of Youth

A new treatment in town promises to rejuvenate your face without making you look frozen.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

A new treatment in town promises to rejuvenate your face without making you look frozen.

Dr Karen Soh is the medical director of Prive Clinic.

The medical aesthetics market is projected to reach US$15.9 billion (S$20.3 billion) by 2025, according to research platform Markets And Markets. And it’s only expected to grow even more with the increasing commoditisation of youth.

These thoughts were running through my head while I was in Prive Clinic, lying down and waiting to try Profhilo, an injectable treatment that promises to rejuvenate the skin. The science behind it is simple. A meticulous blend of low- and high-weight hyaluronic acid is injected into five points on each side of the face. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced and helps to hold moisture. However, as we age, our bodies produce less of it. 

The Profhilo injectable kickstarts collagen and elastin production so that you’ll have healthier, firmer and lifted skin. It’s such a popular treatment in Europe that non-sanctioned replicas of Profhilo injectables have already proliferated the market. So, your best bet is to undergo the treatment at a reputable aesthetic clinic.

As luck would have it, the doctor assigned to me was Dr Karen Soh, medical director of Prive Clinic – and a consummate professional with excellent bedside manners. While there was some discomfort, especially in the chin area, where the skin is thinnest, Dr Soh kept me distracted by asking about my life and sharing anecdotes from her own.

Ten minutes later, the procedure was completed. There were small bumps on my face where the injection was applied, but these disappeared within two hours. In this mask-wearing era, they would be easily hidden anyway.

According to Dr Soh, unlike fillers, Profhilo will not change the features of your face since it only stimulates tissue regeneration, making it perfect for both men and women. That’s also one of the reasons why aesthetic doctors recommend you go for bi-annual treatments to “top up” the hyaluronic acid in your face.

As for my face, Dr Soh mentioned that it was already quite robust, so the lifting effects wouldn’t be noticeable. She was right. I didn’t look any different when I scrutinised myself in the mirror and compared before and after photos a month after the treatment. But many other writers who’ve gone through the same treatment have seen their skin significantly lifted. Also, the concept of prejuvenation or taking preemptive steps to delay the physical effects associated with skin ageing has become increasingly popular.

I’d like to think I’ve taken that first step to stave off the visible effects of ageing. The incredible amount of grey hair on my head says otherwise though. 

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