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Love adventurous style choices? Then you’re sure to fall head over heels for the Swatch BIG BOLD collection. Inspired by urban streetwear, the unisex collection features a striking 47mm dial covered with curved glass. Plus, the contrasting 3D prints on the dial highlight the timepiece’s bold personality. Available in six designs, from the all-black BBBlack to the red-and-black BBBlood, it’s the perfect fit for the fashion forward.

The Swatch BIG BOLD Collection, $140 each, available at all Swatch stores. 

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Look and feel good during workouts with the Sloggi mOve FLOWlight top, an athleisure essential from the brand’s mOve FLOW line. Its BioHeatsol finishing stimulates blood circulation to keep your body warm and ready to move even when your exercise pace decreases, preventing your body from cooling down too quickly. The bra also offers full support, so you don’t have to worry about any discomfort while you’re sweating it out.

Sloggi mOve FLOW light top, $64.90, available at all major department stores. 

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Slow down your skin’s ageing process with this serum from Astarism that’s packed with AstaReal® astaxanthin, an antioxidant derived from freshwater microalgae that protects your cells from oxidative stress. This super ingredient also supports your skin’s natural renewal process, safeguarding it from damage caused by environmental pollutants and UV rays. This in turn prevents wrinkle formation and reduces the development of dark spots.

Atarism Facial Serum, $53, available at and 

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Keep pigmentation spots and freckles at bay with MTM’s Custom-Blended Re-White Mask. Enriched with licorice root extract, it repairs the natural barrier of the skin, shielding it from environmental damage. It also curbs the production of melanin for an even and bright skin tone, and helps rough and dry skin regain its smoothness and radiance. Just kick back, relax and let the mask work its magic.

MTM Custom-Blended Re-White Mask, $180, available at MTM’s flagship and concept stores. 

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Everyone’s skincare routine is different, and what works for you might not be effective for someone else. It’s with this in mind that Alche{me} created their personalised serum, a light but nourishing solution that’s tailored to address your individual skin needs. To customise your own, simply complete a skin assessment online to find out the active ingredients best suited for your skin. The best part? The serum is cruelty-free and free of harsh nasties.

Alche{me} serum, $105. Begin your skincare journey online at 

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Say goodbye to dull skin and pigmentation spots with Dr. Ora’s AURA WHITE ULTRA, a beauty supplement that brightens skin from within while protecting it from damaging UV rays. Packaged in individual sachets, the supplement is easy to carry around and can be consumed on the go. With regular use together with a good skincare routine, you can expect a radiant complexion and a reduction of hyperpigmentation spots.

AURA WHITE ULTRA, $54.90 for 30 x 5g sachets, available at

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Trying to lead a healthier lifestyle? Besides working out regularly and eating right, supplements can also help. Not sure which to get? Consider the ones by Svelty. The range includes Pakkun Yeast, a fat and carbohydrates blocker; Black Ginger, which increases your metabolism to naturally promote fat burn; and Smart Bacteria, which promotes overall good health and beautiful skin.

Svelty products, $36.90 to $59.90, available at Guardian and selected Japanese specialty stores. 

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Go bold or go home with the ASICS GEL-BND, a modern interpretation of the classic ASICS 1998 GEL-BONDI. An audacious and chunky design available in several vivid colour combinations, these lightweight, breathable kicks will keep you looking stylish whether you’re at the gym or at a party. These statement shoes will definitely draw a lot of attention, so get ready to turn heads. 

ASICS GEL-BND, $109, available exclusively at