Eat Like a Man

When it comes to food and exercise, there are some approaches that we can borrow from the male species.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel
When it comes to food and exercise, there are some approaches that we can borrow from the male species.
Corbis/Click Photos
Corbis/Click Photos

You know what the peak of frustration is for health-minded women everywhere? Men who chow down on triple cheeseburger combos without wearing it on their waistlines the next day. So, how the heck do they do it, anyway? The secret is in the male approach to food and exercise. Here’s exactly how you can start to eat like a man and reap the amazing benefits.

1 Don’t think, just do

This means no excuses or justifications. When it comes to your daily food and exercise regime, try to control the distracting thoughts that can undermine your resolve to make changes. If the desire for ice cream starts seeping in or the magnetic pull of a Jessica Jones binge starts to overpower the call of the gym, practise focusing on how to achieve your goals rather than what you don’t want. And if dessert and the couch wins, it’s OK! Don’t mentally beat yourself up over it, just focus on getting back on track.

2 Concentrate only on yourself

If a dude is on a health kick and his work mates are giving him a questioning brow about his chicken and salad, he won’t give it a second thought. But sometimes, when women start on the same combo, we’re more likely to be confronted with a million questions about what we’re eating and why. The same can be said for workout programmes. Be aware of the influence of others on your daily diet and exercise choices. Prepare to stay strong no matter what they say. Hey, it’s your body, not theirs.

3 Get a plan that suits you and stick to it

When it comes to diet and exercise, one of the biggest issues is that we receive so much conflicting information on a daily basis that it can be challenging to know whether we should be trying everything. So, rather than listen to your friends, boyfriend, trainer, news or new fitness app, take some time to really consider what actually works for you to maintain your healthy weight. Once you have committed to this, you’re less likely to be distracted by the latest diet headline.

4 Eatwhen you are hungry and stop when you are full

If you simply focus on eating plenty of well-balanced meals and snacks through the day, the easier you will find it to control your calorie-intake and reach the weight goals you’ve set. Before you eat, ask yourself, “Am I really hungry?”. That can be all it takes to determine if you’re eating out of habit or emotionally, as opposed to needing to fuel your body.

5 Drop the social food focus

Men are less likely to organise social catch-ups around food. And that’s what you’ll need to do, too. Whenever a coffee-and-macaron catch-up or dinner is suggested, why not offer to do something different? Try a dance class together, go for a walk around an art gallery or head to the movies. You’ll end up eating a lot less if you don’t include so much food as part of your social interactions.

6 Don’t blame it on your emotions

When was the last time you saw a guy buy a big bag of potato chips because he had a bad day? Sure, he may occasionally drown his sorrows at the pub, but men are far less likely to use their emotions as an excuse to overeat. Next time you’re feeling a little low, angry or frustrated, rather than seeking out your favourite comfort food, go for something more conducive to he alth and fitness, like a run or clean out. Even a few drinks with your closest friends is a far better option than eating an entire packet of biscuits and having to deal with the extra calories later.