Do That One Change

From fresh skin to natural-looking waves and the best colour for your hair and eyes, the most wearable looks for 2020 are pared down and simple.

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It’s not just about using a sheer foundation or tinted moisturiser. It’s not about not wearing any makeup, either. To get the modeloff-duty, fresh-faced look, makeup artists are turning to serum foundations. What it is: mediumcoverage foundations that have serum-like skincare benefits infused – they actually even feel like, well, serums.

What we like: Bobbi Brown’s Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF40/PA+++ ($92, 17 shades), which has cordyceps and artemia to nourish skin and give it a glow. And the Double Lasting Serum Foundation ($35.90, 12 shades) from Etude House is 61 per cent hydrating serum; putting it on gives the illusion of well-rested, rosy skin.
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Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF40/PA+++ 

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Etude House Double Lasting Serum Foundation 

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It’s the perm that doesn’t quite look like a perm. Forget about tight Maggie Cheung curls, big, deliberate princess ones or even a body wave perm. The perm to get in the new year should curl your hair so subtly, it can be (and should be) mistaken for natural waves.

Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela delivers this type of perm perfectly – the Michaela Signature Perm ($500) will trick just about everyone into thinking you have #iwokeuplikethis waves. Not only does it look naturally tousled from the get-go, the salon will customise the curls to the direction of your natural hair, so the waves still look great even after your hair grows out.
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Brown is still a popular “other-thanblack” hair colour but the better brown to get now is chocolate: a single all-over colour. No highlights, no gradient; just a rich, robust, and true brown. The slight reddish tones in the shade help bring out the rosiness in your skin too.

If you’re not keen on a box dye, make an appointment at a Shiseido Professional salon. It offers the haircare brand’s Colour Mixology concept, which lets the hairstylist concoct the chocolate brown that’s most suitable for you.
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Before you jump, hear us out. Purple eyeshadow is the new tried-andtested wearable colour, simply because of its colour-correcting effects. It cancels out dullness in the eye area, giving you a brighteyed sparkle. (PS: It’s also a S/S ’20 runway trend.)

For the less adventurous, go with mauve as your all-over lid colour instead – the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Intense Amethyst ($49) is a good pick to start with. Else, Sisley Les PhytoOmbres eyeshadow in Purple ($59) is a beautiful vibrant purple that complements all skin tones.
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Sisley Les Phyto-Ombres eyeshadow in Purple
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Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Intense Amethyst