Facial Pads You Can Reuse 1,800 Times

Made of cotton, bamboo or hemp fabric, and almost as soft as cotton pads, they are the sustainable solution to disposables.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

"These fabric pads have to be washed, so it’s best to have more (say, 10 pieces) to tide you over in between washes. Aside from Unpackt, you can also get them from online stores like Your Sustainable Store and The Sustainability Project. "

They are not cheap: the facial squares pictured here are from zero-waste grocer Unpackt, and five pieces cost $12 (that’s $2.40 each). But their value for money doesn’t come from buying in bulk – it comes from the fact that this produces less waste. If properly taken care of, each pad can last five years (that’s 0.006 cents per use per year if used daily). With the exception of nail polish remover, they can be used with all kinds of makeup remover and toner/lotion. To clean, toss them in a laundry mesh bag into a cold wash cycle, then air dry. Or soak in baking soda, then handwash with mild soap in cold water. – CT