As a devoted mother, supermodel and businesswoman, former Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr is proving she’s so much more than just a pretty face

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As a devoted mother, supermodel and businesswoman, former Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr is proving she’s so much more than just a pretty face.

Miranda Kerr is a force of nature. Whether it’s attending a UNICEF ball in Hong Kong, rocking the red carpet in the latest designer dress, or strutting the catwalk at the latest runway shows, the Australian supermodel brings an extraordinary level of enthusiasm and positive energy to every aspect of her life. This includes raising her six-year-old son, Flynn, from her former marriage to actor Orlando Bloom.

“I’m a proud mother and my son is my priority,” Miranda reveals. “Being a mum fills my heart with so much joy – my son is my world. I want to be very present in his life and enjoy all the time we spend together, because whenever I’m away for work I miss him so badly.

“I try to make Flynn understand that his mum needs to work, and when I come back home we do everything together – we read, we play, do drawings, and go to the park. Nothing is more beautiful and satisfying to me than watching my son grow up.”

And work she certainly does. Besides runway shows, the 34-year-old former Victoria’s Secret model (she was the first Australian to be an Angel in 2007) maintains a frenetic schedule as she jets around the world as a brand ambassador for her own Kora Organics bio beauty line, as well as for Clear Haircare, Royal Albert and Reebok. She’s also been a muse for Swarovski’s jewellery campaigns and launched several collections with the Austrian brand. The savvy businesswoman has also collaborated with Japanese handbag line Samantha Thavasa, and more recently, launched a denim collection with designer jeans label, Mother.

It’s the perfect fit, as Miranda has an affinity with jeans and countless street style pictures to attest to it. Her 12-piece Miranda + Mother capsule collection for the indie-spirited LA label is more than a denim passion project. Part of the sales goes to benefit The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation in Sydney. Miranda shares, “Being involved in this creative process is something that I enjoy, and the fact that it’s for a great cause was the icing on the cake.”

On the romance front, things couldn’t be better. Miranda is newly married to billionaire Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel, 27. She has been open about how they were committed to saving themselves or abstaining from sex before they wed, saying Evan “is very traditional”. Her new husband is also active in the life of her son Flynn and is friends with her ex, Orlando, an arrangement she characterises as that of a “modern family”.


With her Australian beach-loving background, and a hot bod that designers love, it’s natural that Miranda is into health and wellness, but in a refreshingly balanced way. “Fitness is part of my daily life and I try to do 45 minutes of exercise per day,” she says. “I’m a pretty relaxed person but I need my yoga and Pilates to keep my energy up. It helps clear my head and stay calm and not feel the stress around me.

“In the morning I like to rub coconut oil over my body before taking a shower. Then I’ll do a half hour of yoga, before I take my son to school. I also like to go for walks with Flynn, who is very active and constantly running around anyway. He loves being out in the nature with me.”

Miranda also believes in eating healthily, but isn’t opposed to indulging herself once in a while. “My personal rule is 80 per cent healthy, 20 per cent food that I like. When I’m working, I like to prepare for myself large salads with vegetables, fruit, and wild salmon. And I also like to drink a lot of tea, which I carry in a thermos with me.

“But I’m not super strict. When I’m invited to dinner with friends, I like to enjoy myself and not worry about what I’m eating. Sometimes at home, I’ll allow myself to indulge in things like potato chips and dark chocolate but otherwise I stick to healthy foods and lots of fresh vegetables.”

Another beauty secret the model swears by is noni juice. “I’ve been drinking it practically every day since I was 12. It’s a fruit that comes from Tahiti and it gives you a lot of energy and also has therapeutic properties. I believe in it so much that I made it one of the key ingredients, together with aloe vera juice, in Kora Organics.” 


Miranda is well aware that many young women look to her as a role model. She has written two books, Treasure Yourself and Empower Yourself, which are self-help guides for women. “I have always tried to inspire other women to live healthier lives and encourage women to be their best selves. I try to be a good example and if possible help women to improve their lives and embrace themselves. Women should be true to who they are, rather than trying to be someone else.”

The Aussie counts herself as blessed for being able to enjoy the success she has today. “I remember doing a big fashion shoot celebrating my 18th birthday and feeling that everything in my world was so exciting. I saw modelling as a great way to meet people and discover other cultures, and I still feel that way about it. My philosophy is to live in the moment, and enjoy each day.”

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