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Freeze time to capture lasting youth with these reformulated wonders from the LANEIGE’s Time Freeze line

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Freeze time to capture lasting youth with these reformulated wonders from the LANEIGE’s Time Freeze line 

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Unlock the secret to ageless beauty with LANEIGE’s anti-ageing Time Freeze range, now updated with two new reformulated products for an even more comprehensive defence against ageing. Armed with the belief that well-hydrated skin forms the foundation for an ageless and youthful appearance, the newly-launched Essence EX and Intensive Cream EX simultaneously lifts and hydrates skin for long-lasting rejuvenation. The key to the efficacy of this formulation lies in two new technologies – the advanced Skin Fit Up™ technology and Hyaluronic Bouncing Water. Unique to the Essence EX and Intensive Cream EX products, these two technologies work in tandem to boost resilience against ageing, so as to diminish wrinkles and restore skin to its optimal condition. 

Get Fit 

LANEIGE’s proprietary Skin Fit Up™ technology harnesses the power of botanicals to stimulate collagen production, which over time, firms skin and gives it a more lifted appearance. Active ingredients ceratonia siliqua fruit and hibiscus abelmoschus seed extract stimulate and enhance collagen production to achieve lifting and tightening effects. The dual actions of hydration and lifting reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for a refreshed and recontoured visage. 

Deep Hydration 

Developed specifically to hydrate skin at the deeper levels, the Hyaluronic Bouncing Water penetrates skin effectively to deliver hydration. This key hydrating ingredient deeply imbues rough and dry skin with much-needed moisture, densely packing skin with hydration and filling in fine lines to restoring elasticity and firmness to tired and aged skin. 

Firm Up and Shape Up 

Make these your new skin-firming essentials 

Time Freeze Intensive Cream EX 

Rescue aged or parched skin from the brink with this concentrated cream. Designed to deliver a potent boost of hydration and firming, a pea-sized amount of this cream is all you need to restore skin to youthful suppleness. 

Hit The Pause Button

Rejuvenate your visage with LANEIGE’s Time Freeze line: This comprehensive range of products addresses all your anti-ageing woes. Alleviate lax skin around the eyes with the Eye Serum, and firm your visage with the Face-Fit Roller, if you want to wake up with contoured features, apply the Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask before heading to bed. 

Time Freeze Essence EX 

This reparative essence combines powerful anti-ageing ingredients such as ceratonia siliqua fruit and hibiscus abelmoschus seed extracts with the Skin Fit Up™ technology to increase your skin’s moisture level and resilience. Formulated with an innovative low-viscosity texture, this essence melts comfortably into your skin to leave it feeling firmed and hydrated from inside out. 

The LANEIGE Time Freeze Essence and Intensive Cream EX will be available at LANEIGE boutiques and counters from October 6.

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