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Achieve a smoother complexion with ORBIS’s pore care range, designed to cleanse skin from deep within.

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Achieve a smoother complexion with ORBIS’s pore care range, designed to cleanse skin from deep within.

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Cleansing is a vital part of any beauty routine, helping to rid skin of dirt, pollutants and impurities so it stays fresh and supple. But at times, even ordinary cleansing may not be enough to remove stubborn keratin plugs stuck deep inside your pores. 

Keratin plugs are formed when sebum and keratin in your skin accumulate and harden over time. This causes blackheads when white sebum oxidises and darkens to black, or whiteheads when oil and dead skin cells clog our pores. Most commonly found on our T-zones – especially the nose area – blackheads and whiteheads result in enlarged pores and rough, dry skin. How much keratin our skin produces is largely due to genetics, which means some of us may unfortunately be prone to having excessive amounts of keratin in our skin, which can lead to keratin plugs and adult acne. 


To rid skin of stubborn blackheads and whiteheads, you need a facial cleanser that’s powerful enough to remove keratin plugs, yet gentle on skin. Enter the ORBIS Powder Wash +, a powder-to-foam deep pore cleanser formulated with two powerful enzymes – protease and lipase.     Protease, a proteolytic enzyme, breaks down old keratin, while lipase aids in the breakdown of sebum. Skin also stays moisturised with collagen, hyaluronic acid and royal jelly extract, which hydrate skin and help maintain its firmness. 

The ORBIS Powder Wash + also comes in an Easy Whip formula, which converts its powder form to a creamy, dense foam. This foamy, cushion-like texture effectively captures dirt broken down by its enzymes, so it is washed away gently without irritating the skin. The oil-free formula is also free of fragrances and artificial colours, and allergy-tested. Use two to four times a week, in place of your regular facial wash, to thoroughly cleanse pores for a smoother, more refined complexion. Retails at $25 (50 g). 

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Step 1: Take an appropriate amount of powder onto palm, and lather with lukewarm water.

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Step 2: Massage gently onto damp skin, and rinse thoroughly to remove impurities trapped deep within your pores.

More For Your Pores

Complete your beauty routine with these effective pore cleansing gels

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Now with an improved formulation, this innovative gel gives a warm sensation when massaged into your problem areas like your T-zone – similar to placing a steamed towel on your skin. It penetrates deep inside pores to loosen stubborn grime with its three sebum-removing scrubs; peach seed, zeolite and ceolus. The warmth fades to a refreshing cool sensation, as its Hamamelis leaf extract closes pores and refi nes your skin texture. Retails at $23 (60 g).

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With its gentle formulation, this is perfect for all skin types. Its Aqua Mineral Moist Base, with mineral-rich deep ocean water and apricot juice, exfoliates skin gently by loosening old skin cells, transforming them into fl akes. Skin also stays moisturised with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, leaving it dewy and smooth. Retails at $28 (120 g).

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Get a free foaming net with every purchase of a full-sized bottle of Powder Wash + while stocks last. Plus! Save up to 16% with ORBIS’s basic skincare trial bundles.*

* Promotion ends Oct 19, 2017, ORBIS is located at: • Bishan Junction 8, #01-46 • Jurong Point, #01-07 • Plaza Singapura, #03-76 • Robinsons The Heeren, Level 1 Beauty Hall • Robinsons Raffles City, Level 1 Beauty Hall • Takashimaya S.C. #B2-03A • Westgate #02-18 and

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