Margaret Wu, founder of Taiwanese cosmeceutical skincare brand.

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Margaret Wu, founder of Taiwanese cosmeceutical skincare brand, For Beloved One – famed for its bio-cellulose face masks – was recently in town for the launch of For Beloved Girl’s inaugural mask series. She shares her top three tips for beautiful skin.

#1. Less is more.

“Don’t be too greedy when it comes to skincare – that’s what I would tell my younger self. The recovery rate of younger skin is very fast, so choose simple products and give anything too oily or rich a miss.”

#2. Go hot spring-hopping.

“Taiwanese women love [hot springs] because they help boost blood circulation and the water contains trace minerals beneficial to skin.”

#3. It takes more than a skincare regimen for beautiful skin.

“I stick to a three-step beauty regimen – cleanse, tone and moisturise – and I exercise thrice a week. It’s good for health and serves as a mood-booster too. Usually, I go for slow jogs or long walks along the lake near where I live, and my exercise staple is sit-ups. I can do 250 a day!”

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