The LED mirrored aluminium suitcase

Portrait of Tammy Strobel
The luggage also comes equipped with exclusive accessories, such as a silver packing cube set crafted in Moncler’s signature padded nylon fabric that promotes organisation while on the go.

If travel is going to be a rarity, you might as well make it a luxurious experience – and it doesn’t get more luxurious than this striking suitcase from Moncler’s Genius collection.

The French fashion brand teamed up with German luggage manufacturer Rimowa, harnessing its engineering expertise and technically advanced materials. What makes it stand out instantly: the LED screen on the front that really takes personalisation to the next level. Simply customise a unique message using the Moncler Rimowa Reflection app on your iPhone and Android. The cabin-sized case itself is a spin on the iconic Rimowa Original Cabin, the aluminum exterior now a lustrous mirrored surface that recalls the lacquered effect of Moncler’s down jackets.

While the limited edition Moncler Rimowa Reflection ($4,280) was launched in September, the special LED numbered edition Moncler Rimowa Reflection is exclusive to Europe, but will be available in December at Mark your calendar now. – DEBBY KWONG

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