The Bumbag Of The Year

Fendi has created the most desirable waist pouch – by keeping it simply modern and even more practical.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

"People have more than one mobile phone now. That’s why the bag has two compartments, for two of them."

"This pocket is ideal for frequently used cards."

There’s tool-belt inspiration. There’s also a nod to Helmut Lang-esque ’90s minimalism. What is clearly not there: the “ugly-cool” factor; the kitsch, sporty or street association; a gazillion logos or embellishments; and being too basic, too pretty, too trendy – everything that has plagued most designer bumbags. The Fendi Belt Bag comes in two colours, in calfskin, from $1,850. - RT

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"The bag covers the waist when it’s a waist pouch, and the chest when it’s used as a cross-body."