Festive Forecast: Cold Showers Ahead, With Radiant Skin After

Get smoother, glowing skin ahead of the festive season with Caring Skin’s Nano Perfector, Singapore’s first “rainfall facial”.

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Get smoother, glowing skin ahead of the festive season with Caring Skin’s Nano Perfector, Singapore’s first “rainfall facial”.

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Try Caring Skin’s Nano Perfector facial at just $98 (before GST, UP: $280) or get a VISIA Skinmap analysis at $68, only from Dec 1, 2017 to Feb 28, 2018.

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The idea of a “rainfall facial” sounds refreshing, but it’s the promise of smoother, brighter skin that makes Caring Skin’s Nano Perfector facial worth splashing out on. The 90-minute treatment uses customised nanomolecular products to treat specific issues in skin and tackle imperfections. And the rainfall? It’s really cold, and it pours twice. And it’s good for skin, like these other treatment steps before and after:

1. Get the naked truth

First, a high-tech VISIA Skin Complexion Analysis takes a multi-point scan of your skin to render a detailed picture of its health. That includes information about hydration levels, UV damage and your skin age. It may not be a picture of perfection, but these insights allow the aestheticians to tweak your treatment for maximum effectiveness.

2. Banish dullness

After a double cleanse, a 20 per cent glycolic acid peel (derived from sugar cane) is applied. First-timers might feel a slight tingle, but if you’re used to exfoliating with AHAs or BHAs, this should feel entirely comfortable. Dead skin cells are gently but effectively sloughed off, unveiling softer and more radiant skin.

3. Let it rain

Now, experience your first rainfall: Skin is flushed with icy-cold alkaline water – this is said to stimulate collagen production.

4. Soak it up

Your freshly cleansed skin is then infused with serums containing vitamins A, C and E, for anti-ageing, brightening and repairing, respectively. Caring Skin’s products are all plant-based and natural, and uniquely formulated using nanotechnology to ensure optimal absorption by skin. Next, it’s another rainfall drizzle, before a facial massage is carried out with a pH-balancing gel.

5. Press on

An extraction is then done by hand. The aestheticians at Caring Skin are trained to do exactly as the spa’s name suggests, and extractions are done with a light hand on your first visit to assess your skin’s sensitivity. This, coupled with the VISIA Skinmap information, means that blackheads and clogged pores are always dealt with painlessly.

6. Double sealed

As a final treat, not one but two masks are applied near the end of the treatment. The type of mask used depends on your skin needs, whether it’s to brighten, fight ageing or combat acne. They’ll leave your skin soothed and smooth, and you’ll leave looking and feeling utterly refreshed.

Caring Skin is at #07-07A International Building (tel: 6737-7797). For more tips and tricks to scoring better skin, check out the spa’s Instagram (@caringskin).