Are Quickie Facials Beneficial?

Everyone wants quick and effective solutions.

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Everyone wants quick and effective solutions. But for your face, does fast equate to fabulous? Dr Low Chai Ling from SW1 Clinic weighs in.

Busy is the usual pace of life these days. Everyone is busy, and that’s why anything and everything that promises fast – or, better still, instant – results is preferred. But when it comes to facial treatments and procedures, can fast be good… and long-lasting? We ask face-perfection expert Dr Low Chai Ling for her take.


“If you’re a busy woman who wants to squeeze a pick-me-up into her packed schedule, consider going for no-downtime, multitasking treatments which help improve the skin on several fronts in one go,” says Dr Low. She adds that the two most popular lunchtime fixes at SW1 Clinic are Forever Young BBL and Neogen Plasma Lift.

Forever Young BBL is a broadband light therapy that uses light in the wavelengths of 500 plus to 800. These wavelengths act on superficial discoloration, enlarged pores and sagging skin, and also promote collagen growth. Best of all, says Dr Low, the treatment is considered one with a “high comfort level”, so it can be done over lunchtime, after which you can return to work and normal activities with just a light layer of makeup, then go for cocktails the same evening with glowing skin.

Neogen Plasma Lift uses plasma energy to stimulate contraction and toning of skin. “Because this isn’t a laser, it can be safely used around the eyes, especially the upper eyelids, to stimulate collagen growth,” says Dr Low. This can help give the eyelids a lift so that the eyes look more youthful. “As a full face treatment, this is known to be comfortable yet big on skin-lifting results.” Effects are cumulative over time, and a series of lunchtime Neogen Plasma Lifts will yield big returns without disrupting your busy schedule with downtime, adds Dr Low.


These lunchtime fixes are more effective than your topical creams and facials, as they are able to penetrate the skin more deeply, says Dr Low. “A series of sessions will give optimal results as the benefi ts are cumulative. These treatments are popular because they have no downtime, so you can do them during your work week without taking the day off .”

After the Forever Young BBL treatment, you will see improved skin tone; and after Neogen Plasma Lift, your skin will feel firmer. Dr Low says that with repeated sessions, the effects become more prominent.

“Women who come for these quick fixes are often realistic about what type of results they will get. None of them are looking for facechanging results or effects comparable to plastic surgery. Most want to enhance their existing assets, fix minor problems and slow down the visible signs of ageing,” says Dr Low.


Dr Low says that the results can be very long-lasting, especially if you have undergone a series of sessions. Exactly how long the results last will also depend on your lifestyle and skincare routine. For example, a series of six sessions of Forever Young BBL on someone who mostly stays indoors and diligently wears sunscreen may last more than a year, while the same treatment on an avid golfer who spends a lot of time in the sun may be quickly negated by new UV damage and pigment formation in a matter of months.

“I advise patients to start with monthly treatments for at least four to six sessions,” says Dr Low. “Then, depending on their skin condition and lifestyle, they can move to a maintenance regime where the treatments are spaced further apart – say, once every three months.”

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“Your skin is like your bank account, and clinical beauty fixes are good investments for its future,” quips Dr Low Chai Ling. She’s the founder and medical director of SW1 Clinic, which offers non-invasive cosmetic dermatology and cuttingedge plastic surgery.