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As the years go by, your face shape is bound to change. Besides investing in good skincare regimes, the key to maintaining the shapeliness of your mien is to continuously energise and regenerate skin’s cellular activity and facial muscles from deep within the surface.


Enter Japanese beauty service provider Facia Ginza’s Small Face Care facial. Developed with a team of osteopaths, this treatment combines the process of stimulating facial muscles with a classic facial. After a shoulder and neck massage, reshaping in the form of a deep tissue face massage begins. Like a workout for the face, this massage involves kneading, rolling and pinching to boost blood circulation and improve the removal of toxins through the process of lymphatic drainage. More importantly, it engages and strengthens facial muscles to help lift cheekbones, which in turn lifts the overall look of your face. A light massage over the eye contours then helps alleviate the appearance of any eye bags. Post-massage, rejuvenating layers of skincare from WOVE—a line of clinical-grade facial products developed by Japanese doctors— is applied.


After one session, you can expect your facial contours to feel firmer and smoother, while looking lifted, sharper and less puffy. The face massage will also leave you feeling relaxed, with your eyes less strained, and the neck and shoulders tension-free. 

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Small Face Care is available as part of the Premium Facial Care treatment at $188 for first-time customers (U.P. $248+). Available at Facia Ginza, #09-20 The Central Soho 1, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, Tel: 8749 2563. For more information, visit