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Glowing skin will catch anyone’s eye from across the room, but skin that’s soft and smooth to the touch will make every beauty lover swoon. Targeting complexions that are fatigued, under-nourished and uneven—symptoms that affect urbanites and jetsetters alike—is NOVU Aesthetics’ Glazo Gold. This laser peel therapy combines ND:Yag laser technology with a host of potent natural extracts to gently resurface and restore skin to its smoother, youthful state.


Concocted with activated carbon, and Kakadu plum, black ginseng and gold extracts, a Glazo paste is applied and left to dry for a few minutes over a freshly cleansed face. Then, laser energy is flashed onto your skin, interacting with the ingredients in different ways to activate their benefits: The carbon particles release heat on the skin’s topmost layer, triggering an exfoliating action that removes dead skin and decongests clogged pores, as well as stimulating the living cells below the skin surface to multiply, in turn producing more collagen and hyaluronic acid. The heat also boosts the absorption of antioxidant-rich Kakadu plum extract, while black ginseng works to detoxify, repair and rehydrate the skin. The addition of gold dust brightens and fortifies the skin, soothing sensitive skin and strengthening the barrier to protect itself against environmental aggressors.


Suitable for most skin types, including sensitised and acne-prone ones, this non-invasive laser peel facial rejuvenates dull skin, turns up the radiance and reveals fresh new skin underneath. It also works to reduce pore size and scarring, and inflammation caused by acne, leaving your complexion smoother, softer and illuminated from within. 

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Glazo Gold is $128 per session. For NOVU Aesthetics’ 10 clinic locations and for more information, visit * *TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY

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