You know her last name, and the launch of her first capsule collection for the house her trailblazing Grandmother built might raise plenty of assumptions. Yes, Talita von Furstenberg is 100 per cent fashion front row elite.

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With her fashion icon of a grandmother, Talita von Furstenberg (right) was born fashion elite, but don’t judge her for it. 

And yes, her pieces – like Gran’s – are all about prints and effortless femininity. But she is under no pretence that she’s a designer – yet. Keng Yang Shuen speaks with the refreshingly down-to-earth 20-year-old and discovers the true charm of TVF for DVF.

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Talita grown up and in one of the line’s effortless sundresses 

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The likes of light peasant blouses and tiered dresses in pretty pastels lend plenty of romance. 

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Gran is her role model and Talita von Furstenberg’s immersion into the DVF brand from young helped inculcate her love for fashion. 

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The prints are either adaptations of archival DVF patterns or inspired by Talita’s personal memories. 

What type of woman would your collection appeal to?

“The DVF woman is a working woman who’s professional, sexy and looking for effortless clothes that transition from the office to evenings out. TVF for DVF is a 23-piece capsule collection designed to target a younger DVF customer who’s more contemporary, but just as in charge. She’s looking for feminine, romantic pieces with softer colour palettes and whimsical prints that she can wear on the street or to the beach. It will be a permanent addition to DVF with two collections a year.”

How do you think the collection will add to the DVF legacy?

“I envision a mum and daughter coming into DVF with one shopping at TVF and the other at DVF, both wanting easy, beautiful clothes – just that they’re for different lifestyles. Hopefully, the TVF customer will develop into the DVF woman as she matures and her needs change.” 

Would you consider becoming a full-fledged designer?

“The design process for TVF was definitely intimidating. My team is so well-versed with the process, yet I was designing, providing the art direction and the inspiration for the first time. Right now, my role as creative director of the line seems to be the perfect fit since I don’t have the technical training needed to be a fashion designer. However, already with one collection, I’ve learnt so much, so it is likely that my role as designer will expand with more time and collections.”

Prints are a signature of DVF and remain a highlight in your collection. What’s special about the ones in TVF for DVF?

“I chose my favorite archival DVF prints and tweaked them with new skews and colourways. The remainder of the prints are all inspired by nature – flowers and the beach bring me so much joy – and each has a special backstory that reminds me of a memory. For example, the seashell print reminds me of when I was little and collected shells on the beach. At the end of these trips, I would gather all the shells and spell out the names of each person in my family with them, so seeing this print makes me think of my family and our travels together.”

What does the brand Diane von Furstenberg mean to you?

“It means everything to me. Diane von Furstenberg is a family brand and as she is not only my grandmother, but also my role model and fashion inspiration... all I want to do is help her and her brand. It’s an interesting juxtaposition between honoring the heritage of DVF, while also inserting this fresh, younger vibe into it. I’m happy to be a link to a generation of shoppers whom I think DVF hasn’t spoken to in a while.” 

Growing up, how immersed were you in the DVF brand?

“When I was six, I asked my grandma if I could change the brand name to Talita von Furstenberg when I take over. I’m so incredibly honoured and excited to finally get to be a part of such an amazing company and, this collection is called TVF, so it’s not that far off from that childhood vision. I remember being small yet so fascinated and inspired by watching the DVF runway shows, and getting to go backstage. When I was nine, I went to Florence with my grandma for a special resort runway collection, and I helped cast the models and style the outfits. Obviously, I wasn’t actually doing anything important since I was very young, but I felt then like I was. After that trip, I realised that fashion was 100 per cent what I loved and wanted to pursue.”

How many wrap dresses do you own?

“So many! Wrap dresses are so easy to wear and can be worn for almost every occasion – they’re great additions to every closet. I started wearing wrap dresses at seven years old when DVF had them made to fit me.”

What’s a typical day like in your life?

“Very hectic. I’m juggling five classes, each with readings, papers and group projects, as well as the full-time job of creating this clothing line, and constantly having meetings and calls about it. I’m all over the place, but I have a really strong work ethic so when I need to get things done, I can sit down for hours without getting distracted. I go back and forth between DC for school and New York for work every week, which is stressful and honestly difficult, but it is completely worth it because I get to pursue my two real interests in life: fashion and social justice.”

What do you major in at college and why did you pick it?

“I’m majoring in Justice and Peace, which is essentially learning about the world’s conflicts and social injustices, and discussing ways to create positive solutions and instilling peace that goes far beyond changing policy... Although I am pursuing fashion as my career, philanthropy and activism will be a part of my life forever. I have and am creating a platform, and I know that I want to use it to make a positive impact on the world, just as my grandma has done with her platform.”