A Starlet Is Born

Just what has model-slash-actress Jasmine Sim been up to over the past year?

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Just what has model-slash-actress Jasmine Sim been up to over the past year? 

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"When was the last time you did something for the first time?” we asked our cover star Jasmine Sim. This was just after we had wrapped up the photoshoot, where we had plonked her right in front of a video camera to talk about her firsts. (This video is now up on CLEO.com.sg, btw.) 

A stammer-and-a-half later, the model and actress admits: “When I gave acting a shot about two, three years ago?” 

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From print to screen

By the time you’re reading this, Kin, a local English drama she’s currently starring in, would have already started airing. “The show follows three storylines. I play a girl born to a poor family, but got switched at birth. Eventually, she grows up in a rich family.” 

The drama explores the perplexing relationships of Jasmine’s character as she reconnects with her birth family. 

It’s no surprise that the 25-year-old’s days are long. Her schedule is practically a circus act, filled with modelling gigs and filming. She notes that she has a wonderful support system of old friends who keep her grounded – something she feels is important for someone who spends so much time in the spotlight – who “would make time to hang out and accommodate to my hectic schedule”. 

Her favourite way to recharge? “I sleep!” she guffaws. 

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Going places 

This year, we saw a slew of Singapore actors making waves in films and TV shows abroad, from Crazy Rich Asians to The Story of Yanxi Palace (Hello, Lawrence Wong!), a China-based period drama garnering over 700 million views an episode. Is a role in an overseas production in the pipeline for Jasmine? 

“If given an opportunity, I would totally jump on it. I’m very open to trying new things, going to new places; that’s the draw of this industry for me. I think it’ll be nice to try to survive outside of my comfort zone.” 

Her pluckiness is admirable, considering she’s never gone to acting school nor taken lessons. Instead, she reads books about acting methods and picks up what she can from conversations with cast members between takes. 

She freely admits she’s only just coming into her own and finding equilibrium in her work. She feels most powerful when, “I know what I’m doing, and when I’m comfortable doing it. In acting, I find confidence by understanding the motives that steer my character’s actions.” 

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Passion and purpose

While modelling is her first love, the starlet says she finds her purpose in acting. “Acting allows me to step into someone’s shoes, and creates a sense of compassion and empathy as I try to understand my characters.” 

She may humbly insist that she got lucky with her acting career, but we can tell it’s her work ethic and steely resolve that got her here. And you know what? We can’t wait to see how much further she can go. 

“I’ve been told to work on my Instagram account, but I’m just keeping it as real as it is. I’m not in a rush to chase numbers.”
- Jasmine on her approach to social media. 

Photography IVANHO HARLIM 

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Fashion Assistant Cosina Wonght

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