Atas fashion without spending a fortune

Atas look on a budget with these simply styling tricks

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Get a catwalk-worthy look on a real-girl’s budget with these three simple styling tricks. 

Genevieve Rogers, Fashion Editor 

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1. A darling accessory 

An over-the-top accessory is what I like to call a “darling accessory”, saved for moments when you or your outfit needs the “extra” factor. For example, a sequinned headband can disguise a bad hair day while large diamante sunnies are a must for the morning after the night before. 

2. Max out on prints 

You can never wear too many prints for autumn – especially when they involve a logo or metallic hue. For something more subtle, wear a pair of logo socks with metallic strappy heels. If you’re after something with more pizazz, a printed skirt worn over pants or leggings will do the trick. 

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3. Fly the Italian flag 

One of the easiest ways to tap into the trend is to look towards their patriotic colour scheme of green, white and red, which they often use throughout their collections. Not only will you already own a few pieces of each colour, but it’ll be easy to add items to your wardrobe. Choose one colour to focus on and use the other two as accents. 

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