When fashion meets mental health awareness, great things can grow.

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"A campaign that’s raw and real"

The topics surrounding mental health aren’t where they used to be, even compared to just a few years ago. There have been so many movements especially via social media to destigmatise taboos, and to educate people on a larger scale. So when a massive fashion brand also takes the initiative to open up about mental health, it definitely strikes a chord with our health and connections in 2019. Launching the second Monki x Mental Health Europe collaboration ’Embrace your Feels’ earlier in May, Monki released a range of tees with mental wellness manifestos emblazoned on them alongside a campaign to explore mental health and its impact on daily life. #TeamCLEO spoke to Eleonore Nygårds, Editor-in-chief at Monki on the collaboration, and feeling all the feels.

What inspired the Monki x Mental Health Europe collaborations?

Mental health has been stigmatised for a long time and we hope to break that stigma and encourage a positive dialogue.

What was the response of your shoppers and the campaign during the collab?

We were overwhelmed by the great discussions in our community, and how it continued on people’s own platforms. That was also a reason to continue this project, and evolving it into giving hands-on advice.

What are the youth affected by in terms of their mental health and social media?

You see a mash-up of inspiring experiences, food, bodies and friendship, but it can also add stress; make you feel you’re not enough. There are tools to avoid it — and that’s what we tried to teach our community.

In your own opinion, what do you think is the most important when it comes to maintaining one’s mental health?

As boring as it might seem, your body and mind love routines. Eight hours sleep, good food and exercise at least give you the best environment for a balanced system.

What would you say is Monki’s main ethos as a fashion brand?

We want women (or just anyone who wants to join us!) to feel good about themselves, that’s been our daily mission since 2006.

Is Monki thinking of a more expanded idea in the future?

All the topics we decide to lift, be it period health, mental health or sustainability are deeply-rooted within our company DNA and that will continue to appear within our work as a fashion brand. Watch our space!

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"Eleonore Nygårds, Editor-in-chief at Monki, answers our Qs"

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"Everyone needs time to reflect"
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The Monki x Mental Health Europe tees